Quick Tender

Learn about online casinos accepting Quick Tender as an alternative payment form. Quick Tender is a safe, secure payment system that eliminates the necessity of credit cards. Quick Tender allows payments in many currencies, so if you need to make a payment in U.S. dollars that's just as acceptable as sending a payment in Euros.

What is Quick Tender?

Quick Tender is an internet payment system offering secure transactions. The company uses high-quality fraud detection software to ensure the safety of all deposits and withdrawals. Many online casinos accepting quick tender provide you with this easier transaction method.

Deposit money to your Quick Tender account directly from your bank or from a credit card. Once the money clears both parties, you're free to use that money to deposit to your online casino. Online casinos accepting Quick Tender are numerous and there is no charge for sending a payment to an online casino.

Withdrawals are completed through a wire transfer. You must have at least $100 in your account before you can withdraw. Money is wired from your casino to Quick Tender and then can be transferred to your bank if desired.

Registering for Quick Tender is free. There are charges when you withdraw money from your Quick Tender account ($30 flat fee) or deposit money from a credit card (5 percent).

Online Casinos Accepting Quick Tender

A number of online casinos accepting quick tender offer today's hottest casino games. At the same time, their payment methods make it easy to transfer money to your player's account.