Break Da Bank Classic Slots

If you love old-fashioned machines with a twist, play Break da Bank Classic slots. The three reel, five payline game offers a top prize of 2,400 coins. On a $25 bet, that's an amazing $60,000 jackpot. Even on the smallest $1 coin value, $2,400 is pretty rewarding. Break da Bank slots offers standard slot sounds. The audio captures the feel of a classic machine. The reels click and whirr as they spin, stopping with a click. If there's a win, bells ring and coins jingle. Fans of cherry slots enjoy playing Break da Bank.

Start by choosing your coin value. The denominations include $1, $2, $5, $10, and $25. Bet on one or all five paylines. It's worth it to bet on all five so that maximize the odds of winning a prize. The “Bet Max” button offers one-click maximum bets. If you ever play Wild Cherry Slots, you'll find the rules with Break da Bank Classic slots are similar.

Five Paylines

There are five paylines in Break da Bank Classic slots. The first goes straight across the screen in the center row. The second and third lines are found at the very top and the very bottom row. The fourth payline runs diagonally from the top left to the bottom right. The fifth runs from the bottom left to the top right. Because there are five paylines, the odds of winning increase.

Break da Bank Classic Slots Payouts

Break da Bank slots features bars, dollar signs, and Break da Bank wilds. The bars are the bottom of the paytable. They come in singles, doubles, and triples. Get any combination to win a prize. Prizes for the bars range from 5 to 80 coins. The dollar signs need three to win. The payout for the dollar signs is 160 coins. If the Break da Bank wild helps complete a winning combination, you get a 2x with one wild or 4x multiplier with two wilds.

With the Break da Bank wilds, their position is important. If you get three Break da Banks in the first payline, the payout is 1,000 coins. The second and third paylines give prizes of 1,200 and 1,400 respectively. The prize for the fourth payline is 1,600 coins. But, it is payline five that rewards lucky players with the 2,400 coin jackpot.

Where to Play Break da Bank Classic Slots

Break da Bank Classic slots is a Microgaming offering. You'll find it at the best Microgaming casinos. When you sign up, look at the casino promotions. Most casinos double a new player's deposit as a welcome bonus. Sits like 32Red Casino have given new players thousands of money in bonus rewards and no deposit bonuses. You'll have extra cash to play Break da Bank Classic slots.