Bookmaker Casino

In an attempt to maintain a reputation of quality and integrity, Bookmaker Casino thrives to maintain the total bookmaking experience. They have been successfully doing this for more than 20 years. Bookmaker Casino is the home of "posting the lines first." Bookmaker Casino allows you to place wagers on horse racing, online casino games, poker, bingo and mobile betting. Another promise from Bookmaker Casino is that your privacy is one of their primary concerns, regardless of who you are. Digital Gaming Solutions is based in Costa Rica and is ran by experienced professionals who know the industry inside and out. Click here to start downloading Bookmaker Casino software


Bookmaker Casino employs Digital Gaming Solutions as their internet gaming Software Company. Digital Gaming Solutions is the first software provider to offer the newest gaming technology. What sets Digital Gaming Solutions apart from the rest and makes them exclusive is that they have no gaming interests of their own. Their main purpose is to provide 100% development and support, exclusively. Digital Gaming Solutions brings complete software packages to Bookmaker Casino including Sportsbook and Racing. The Casino itself offers slots, poker games, video poker, blackjack, and roulette, plus a whole lot more.

No Transfer Required

Digital Gaming Solutions software requires no need to transfer money from one interface or account to another. If you have cash in your Sportsbook account you can use it for your Racing account or for the casino. Plus, all of the major ecommerce payment services are offered for deposit and withdrawals. This is why Digital Gaming Solutions is known for excellence. They have been delivering sports book, casino, EPOS, and mobile results to the best of the best!

Speed plus Excellence

Digital Gaming Solutions promises the finest, quickest and most inclusive interface on the market. They also offer the most straightforward platform that will enhance your performance. Digital Gaming Solutions offers you the ability to play with multiple currencies and languages, reliable customer support, fast-loading content, a no download casino, a bingo platform, multiple bonuses, quality functions and graphics, and complete support of any mobile network.


Digital Gaming Solutions is established and reputable but they still plan to grow and have a very promising future in the gambling industry. There is no doubt that Digital Gaming Solutions is a force to be reckoned with. This is especially true when you consider that the majority of their clients are major players in the gaming industry.