Scuba Fishing is coming

Do you like fish, diving, and winning boat loads of money? Of course you do. Why wouldn't you? All of those things are great, and if you disagree, you're clearly mistaken.

On September 19th, 2018, you can get all of your needs finally met when the great Scuba Fishing Slots arrives on the scene like a whale shark showing up at a pool party-unexpected, amazing, and unnecessarily over the top. Featuring photorealistic graphics, professional reel animations, and best in class production values, this is a game no one will want to miss. For far more than merely fish fans, we're excited to bring you this brand new slot that raises the bar on what's being done in the genre.

Mark your calendar and be ready for it! September 19th. It'll be a day you won't soon forget!

Truth be told, we're looking forward to it as well. It's a really great game.