Wild Cherry Slots

The Wild Cherry slots has got so much to offer for it players. The game is user friendly and easy to play. Even for new beginners you are welcome. In a couple of minutes you will be ready to spin the reels and checking your combinations if you have won. Actually most slot games are very easy to play and all have got the same basic rule which is to aim for the jackpot. But the Wild Cherry Slots has got so much fun for you.

The Main key features of the Wild Cherry Slots are as follows:

The slot is a 3 reel with a single payline and you are able to play with coins which range from 5c up to $5. The only takes a maximum of 3 coins per spin.

The Wild Cherry Slot offers a jackpot of 1000 coins if you are to get all three of the Wild Cherry symbols on the payline. To obtain the maximum coins of the jackpot you would have to bet max and the maximum bet is of 3 coins.

Getting a start symbol on the payline will guarantee you a payout. The colored bars and red 7s also create different winning combinations.

The wild symbol is the cherry symbol which automatically substitutes any other symbols to make a winning combination.

The Wild Cherry slot game is also available in another variation which is a 5 payline. You will be able to find these variations at the Winward Casino online.

The progressive jackpot of this slot game is available at slots village and winward casino does not offer progressive jackpot.

Well, it's about the time to get crazy with slots of the casino