California Gold Slots

Do you have dreams of striking it rich? Of finding the vein of gold in “them thar hills”? Sadly, there are not many places that you can stake your claim anymore, but Wager Gaming Technology has given us a brand new slot game to scratch that gold mining itch. It is California Gold Slots, and it lives up to its spectacular Vegas Tech roots with fun graphics and easy game play. Download and play at California Gold Slots now

California Symbols

California Gold Slots employs images of the 1849 gold rush as play symbols, including a tunnel, a donkey, a bundle of dynamite, a map, a lantern, a barrel, a pick, and a claim jumper. In addition to those you will encounter the Wild Card, an animated miner holding a big gold nugget, and the Scatter Symbol, an animated gold nugget.

Vegas Tech really hit the nail on the head by not employing the tired old card indices on this game. Every symbol used is a creative and original cartoon-style drawing, making this game all the more entertaining.

California Bonuses

Though categorized as a 5-reel Bonus Slot game, the only bonus game is free spins. That is not a bad thing, it is just something to be aware of – do not expect a side-game to actually pop up in this rather traditional slot.

The animated miner is the Wild Card of California Gold, replacing any other symbol in a set with the obvious exception of the Scatter. One of the great features of this game is that if the miner pops up in your winning combo, you get a double payout. In most games the Wild Card is a nicety that helps you get a winning hand, but in this one you really want that happy miner popping up!

The Scatter symbol is the gold nugget. If three gold nuggets show up anywhere in the field of play, free spins are awarded. Three nuggets are rewarded with five free spins, four nuggets get fifteen free spins and five nuggets get a huge one hundred free spins. Additionally, as is the norm on the current breed of Vegas Tec games, free spins may compound during free spin rounds, so if you get four Scatter symbols during your fifteen free spins, you get another fifteen once the first round is completed.

California Riches

Coin values on California Gold may be set from 1¢ to $10. If you are playing all 25 paylines, that makes the maximum bet $250 per spin, sufficient for the highest rollers. The maximum jackpot payout with five of the claim jumpers in a row is 5000 coins – but if a miner Wild Card shows up in that combo, it is doubled to 10,000 coins, making the maximum jackpot on this machine worth $100,000! If that is not striking it rich, nothing is.

Playing California Gold

This is a really fun, rather traditional slot, though we found that the sound effects were a bit traditional for an otherwise thoroughly engaging game. Head on over to your favorite Wager gaming Technology casino tonight and give California Gold a try! We recommend you to play at California Slots at top trust worthy Liberty slots casino.

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