DomGame Casino

Dark, but fun, this casino welcomes one and all to come in and have a good time playing inside the casino. You want to ensure that you are using the best possible place to put your cash down on the table. Once you do this, you will soon find out if this is where you want to continue to play. Dark red, black and other darker, yet mysterious colors all come together on the front of this website. You can find this casino has a lot to offer the player, so you can be sure to find out more about the casino when you sign up for an account and start playing.

Rival Gaming is the software company that has made the games found throughout the casino, offering everyone a chance to play inside what they have to offer. You can be sure to get more from these games, just because you know the graphics and sounds are what really comes together. Rival Gaming is the perfect place to find those top-notch, quality games that you can play and have a good time with.

The lobby welcomes you to the inside, and when you want to start playing, you simply need to just sign up with the casino to have a good time. You can create an account and make the most use of it. Being in the Curacao jurisdiction, you can expect that they are pretty open with who they allow to create an account and sign up and play. Simply find out if playing online is legal for you to do in your specific area.

Those that are in the United States are welcome to sign up and play inside the casio, but those in Canada, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, China, UK, India, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, and Belarus are unable to play inside the casino, so consider where you live and whether you're legally able to sign up with their online casino.

Sign Up with the Casino

There are a number of games to play when you choose to sign up with the casino. These are the steps you can take to sign up for your own account to start playing all of the games that they have.

1. Go to the online casino's website 2. Click on the Register button on the top right-hand side of the casino 3. Fill out the information that is requested of you to get an account 4. Verify your account by checking the email that is sent to you 5. Start playing when you sign up with the casino and go to play the games

You do have to have an account to play any of the games, whether you are playing them for cash or for free, so this is important to think about. The sign-up process is easy to do and you can benefit from all that comes from being a player with this casino offering a great selection of games.

What Games are Available to Play

The games that are offered are something that so many want to know more about. With hundreds of slots to choose from, and many of them being added every day, you can take advantage of all that they have to offer here. They have a number of table games that you can put cash down on and play on the tables. You want to make sure that you are getting all that comes from the use of the tables.

Of course, there are a number of other extra games you can play while in the casino such as scratch offs, Pai Gow, Keno, Red Dog, and many others. However, there are not a number of sports games or bookies that you can play while being a part of this casino. They also do not offer live poker games in the casino.

Playing Those New Slots

The new slots that are being offered are slots that are going to offer everything that you need and more. Not only because you can take advantage of these, or even wait for some new ones to come out to try out. There are newer slots that have been introduced to the market.

Beach Bums If you love the beach and you love laying out on the hot sand, then this might be the best game for you to play. It is going to welcome you to the inside, while you are thinking about the warm summer sun that comes shining down in front of you. Never have to worry about not being able to get more from the beaches, the bums, the payouts.

Psychedelic Sixties If you love the older generations, then this might be the best game for you to spin the reels and see where they land. This is something that a lot of people want to think about doing, as it can provide some pretty large payouts but also great graphics and fun which is what everyone wants.

They offer slots for both free and cash, depending on which you want. However, they only have a couple free slots to try out. Not all of them are able to be played for free. If you want to try out these slots though, then this is something that can be done before you add cash into your account.

PayOut Percentages Offered

When you are playing at the casino, then you want to make sure that you know more about the percentages on the games that you are going to be playing. The payout percentages range from 88% to 96%. This is a high amount compared to some other casinos. The payouts differ depending on the specific games that you are going to be playing, as each one has a specific percentage.

Promotions, Rewards, and Extras

There are a number of promotions, rewards, and extras that are offered by the use of the casino. If you have just signed up with them, then you need to make sure that you are taking advantage of all that they are offering, since you need to get some extra cash in your pocket.

They offer a 250% monthly reward for those that are going to be playing regularly inside the casino. You can find the many different options to go with. You can cash out with this amount when you make a deposit for the month.

Get a 300% deposit bonus when you sign up with the casino for the first time. This is important because you want to make sure that you are choosing more from signing up with a casino. The 300% match bonus is going to be placed on the deposit that you make into your banking account.

Get a 185% match bonus to play in the game that they are advertising for that specific time. You can grab this each month, or a week, or whenever it is offered. The amount that is offered depends on the amount you deposit into your account. They will match that amount so you get some extra to play with, as long as it is used in the specific game that they are offering it in.

Many Different Ways to Play

If you are looking into this casino, then you want to make sure that there are enough ways for you to play. This means checking out what they offer and where they offer it. There are the top three places you can spend some time playing inside this casino and getting the fun needed.

Instant play is one of the biggest and most used ways to play inside this and many other games. This is where you can go to the web page and play right on the internet without having to download anything.

The downloadable interface helps you download the interface to your computer which allows you to have full access to the entire online casino. This helps you play right on the computer it is downloaded on, but with the other two options, you don't get all of the games that are offered on this option.

Mobile gaming is also an option. You can also check out the mobile app that can be downloaded to your smartphone or table. Once downloaded, you will have the casino on your phone with you wherever you go, giving you the ability to play wherever you go. Win money on the go!

Banking with DomGame Casino

Those that want to play inside this casino want to make sure that the banking is secure. This is when you check out the banking options, how secure it is and more. When this is done, you can then find out even more. Here are the secure banking options that are available for those that are players inside this casino.

  • Mastercard and Visa
  • Skrill - Moneybookers
  • NeTeller
  • PaySafeCard
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • uPayCard
  • Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin

All of these options are welcomed to be used, though only a handful of them allow for both deposit and withdrawal with the account. This is important to think about, but it is also important to keep in mind because it is secure on every area.

The Affiliate Program

Those that want to showcase the casinos and get others to sign up for them can do so and get up to 45% back on the players that sign up and start playing inside any of the partner casinos, not just those that are a part of the DomGame Casino.

Sign up with the affiliate program and check out the many benefits that players get, but also partners get when they build up the player base with these casinos.

Contacting the Support Team

The support team is someone that you might want to contact if you have questions regarding the casino or playing inside it. This is important to think about, as you want to make sure that you have the right help that is needed. You can find out more when you reach out to them through one of these options:

By Phone - +1 855 204 2087 +33 413 682 294

By Email -

Live Chat is also offered through the account that you own. Simply go to the corner and click on the Live Chat option.

The customer service team is open and willing to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, helping players from all over the world with any questions, comments, or concerns they might have.