Chief Fortune Classic Slots

In what we consider one of the most beautifully designed slot games, we introduce to you Chiefs Fortune Classic Slots, a Native American theme-based slot game that has loads of bonus features and is atypical of this slot genre.

One Little Indian

A 3-reel, 1-payline bonus classic slot, Chiefs Fortune has two jackpots. The first is worth 2000 coins, and the second pays out 1000 coins. If you want the perfect dollar slot, Chiefs Fortune is it! With a maximum bet of $3, penny slot players can have a field day vying for one or both jackpots. Additionally, you can view the seven winning combinations in the pay table located to the right of the slot game.

Three Little Indians

The symbols in Chiefs Fortune Classic Slots reflect its theme perfectly and include: sevens, bars, Chiefs Fortune Logo, the Indian Chief, and Magic Arrows. The Indian Chief is the wild symbol and will pay out when appearing in winning combinations. Bet one coin and win 500; bet two coins and win 1000; bet three coins and win the jackpot! Another important component in Chiefs Fortune Classic Slots is that there is a bonus game. All you need to do is to collect five magic arrows to activate the Chiefs Dilemma Bonus Game. On a second screen, you’ll be required to dress the chief to win your total prize amount. This is one of the most awesome and interactive bonus games we’ve seen in a long time.

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief!

No matter what position you hold in life, playing Chiefs Fortune can render you a small fortune if you dress the chief in the proper fashion to yield the highest reward.