Chuzzle Slots

The Chuzzles arcade game has evolved into a slot machine. And Gamesys knows that Chuzzle fans play it for the arcade style bonus features. Join the fuzzballs for a night on the town, these cute little creatures sure know how to have a good time and they are o so generous too.

Is it a slot? Is it a game?

Download and play Chuzzle Slots, it's easy. It is just like a slot with 20 paylines and 5 reels. Each payline affords you a chance to match up some symbols and cash in on a win. Lines only pay when winning combinations fall on activated lines. The number of lines activated depends on how many coins are placed down. 10 coins will activate lines 1 to 10 and 20 coins will activate them all. If a win falls on an inactive line, it doesn’t count so the very first tip is to be sure that all lines have been enabled.

Your bet size is determined by the value of your coin. If you are on a tight budget instead of reducing the number of active lines play with a smaller coin. That way all wins are paid out in direct proportion to your bet so there is no way to lose with this strategy. You can change the value of the coin from 1c up to $1 which changes the bet across all lines from 20c to $20.

Meet the Chuzzles

Wild Chuzzle is the wild. You will know this fuzzy multi-coloured fuzz ball when you see it. The wild Chuzzle can stand in for any of the symbols and it increases your chances of getting a payout from a winning combination. Its value cannot be underestimated as five all on the same payline pays out the jackpot of 10 000 coins. At the max coin value of $1 this is $10,000! That’s Chuzzle-icious!

This playful slot has three scatters. A scatter symbols does not need to be on an enabled payline and they do not have to even fall on the same payline to activate features of pay scattered wins. The Blue Bottle unlocks the Pick A Bottle Feature Game. All you need is three of these corked up bottles to get the feature playing.

And do Chuzzles like free spins? O yes, they do! The Chuzzle Parade Bonus Symbol activates those free spins for you when three of more of the Parade Bonus Symbols appear on the reels at the same time. The Chuzzle Parade Bonus Symbol looks like four Chuzzles in at a discotheque with strobe lights. Their cheeky eyes give away the game they are at.

The third scatter, the Chuzzle Reaction Symbol is the activation key for yet another bonus game, the Chuzzle Reaction Bonus game. This symbol is as many Chuzzles stuffed up against the lens of the camera when the picture was taken, such a perfect example of the Chuzzle Reaction.

The rest of the symbols are straight forward. There are the three Chuzzles, the blue, red and yellow one set against a black background. They all pay out for only 2 of a kind on a payline. They are accompanied by the playing cards nine to ace, also luminous against black. To get a win from these symbols you need three or more together.

Play Chuzzles like they were meant to be played

So you got three blue corked bottles on the reels. Now it is time to choose one of the bottles on the next screen. This is a multiplication game and the bottle you choose will reveal how many times your bet will be multiplied by to determine your winnings.

To get 50 free spins all you need is 5 dancing Chuzzles on your screen. 50 free spins at your bet setting of $20 a spin is equivalent to $1,000 free worth of spins. That is a real bonus for sure! Three Chuzzles still award you with 10 complementary spins while four will earn you 20 free spins.

Just keep on lining up the Chuzzle Parade Symbols and the free spins will keep on rolling in. When the fun is over and done with you realise that this is just the beginning as the colourful fur balls whisk you off to the disco.

Now it is time to multiply your takings from the free spins.

The Chuzzle Reaction feature is a non-interactive version of the Chuzzle game where the Chuzzles fall from the top of the screen onto the Chuzzles below. Matching Chuzzles disappear making space for even more fuzzy wuzzies and each time they do bonus wins are added to your balance. When the screen is full of non-matching Chuzzles, the game is over and it’s back to the reels for more matching up across the paylines.

The Chuzzles are here to stay so come and play

Everyone loves the Chuzzles and so will you, they are cute, they are funny and they are splashing cash all over the place. Come and join in the fun, it is a simple game with simply great ways to cash in. Download the casino software, your account is your ticket to the fuzzy wuzzy cash stores.