Pennsylvania Gaming Act Amend Includes Online Gambling

Gaming in the USA especially on the interenet get more interesting. Nevada has put online Poker availability in that state. And other places such as Pennsylvania that wants to put their own stamp on online gamiing legislation.

New Jersey is still waiting for approval of internet betting on all forms of gaming including sports betting. However, New Jersey, presently going through a legal process that looks like it will be a battle regarding the constitutionality with the Justice Department. The official word out is that this will cost the New Jersey government for the defence of the bill, while Gov. Christie vetoed the bill a few years past which upset the politicians who had approved the bill. They wait and see what will happen this time.

Politicians In Pennsylvania want to amend the existing Gaming Act. Representative for Pennsylvania, Tina Daves, has released a memorandum which states her intention to present an amendment to the Gaming Act which will allow internet gambling. Ms. Davis has pointed out that two boarding states, Delaware and New Jersey, have already taken action with regard to the issue, and she felt that Pennsylvania needs to adjust.

Ms Davis presented the memorandum on the webpage of the House of Representatives. Her reasoning is that a responsible system for gaming needs to be introduced to protect pennsylvanians and also to contribute towards the success of the gaming industry that is already in existence in the commonwealth. Currently the industry has already generated over $7 billion for tax revenues for the state at the same time created over 16,000 jobs throughout the state.

The memorandum also states that the Gaming Control Board of Pennsylvania would be able to regulate the requirements with regard to licensing, operation and responsibility with regards to participation in internet gambling to keep it within the framework that they have fought for in Pennsylvania.