Sex and the City: Out On The Town Slots

IGT and HBO teamed up on the new Sex and the City slots game. The game mirrors the feel of the television show with the key characters: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and Mr. Big. For now, the Sex and the City slot game is only available in land based casinos, but Casino Coins is about to release the new game "Slots and the City J&quot . The game will be online probably in the summer.

Game Play for Sex and the City Slots

IGT uses their new MultiPlay technology in the 5-reel, 30-payline Sex and the City slots. Play up to four games at the same time with MultiPlay. As you play from the patented MegaChair, enjoy music and television clips from the show. Mr. Big, actor Chris Noth, guides players through the history of Sex and the City while they play and even cheers on their wins.

Symbols vary and tend to include very girly items like high-heels, platters of chocolate, jewelry boxes, pink hearts covered in diamonds and bottles of champagne. Bonuses are programmed to trigger frequently, approximately every 25 spins. So you stand to win plenty of money.

Bets start at a penny and require a minimum 200 credits to play all four games. Players have the chance to bet on 1 or all 30 paylines.

The game features a variety of bonus games including Change of Dress, Hello Lover, Perfect Present and Simply Fabulous. To play Sex and the City slots, including the entertaining bonus games, head to your nearest big casino.

Head to Your Favorite Online Casino for Slots Similar to Sex and the City

For today Sex and the City Slots is available in land based casinos only, but you can try similar online casino slots, featuring gorgeous mens, beautiful women, red roses, white diamonds and blue diamond rings. Find ladies themed casino slot games at your favorite casinos. Take advantage of generous deposit bonuses when you make your deposit.