Diamond VIP Casino

You’re ready for the big time when you enter the life of luxury at Diamond VIP Casino.

Your exclusive membership status starts with a friendly $5,000 welcome bonus.

A really classy online casino that just presents itself in an elegant and classy design; you’ll think you’ve landed in Vegas on a private jet and your Bentley is just waiting to pick you up. Roll out the red carpet when diamonds can be a winner’s best friend with a VIP program that’s a real gem when you’re a member. Level 1 is the Sapphire Level and you’ll get 5 match-up bonuses of 50% and on the 6th deposit you’ll get a 100% bonus. Take it up a notch and go for the Spinel Level and get 5 match-up bonuses of 75% where on the 6th deposit you’ll get a 110% bonus. Things will really start to sparkle when you get to the Tourmaline Level, where you get 5 match-up bonuses of 100% and on the 6th deposit you’ll get a 120% bonus. Now you’re ready for the Ruby Level where you’ll get 5 match-up bonuses of 100% and on the 6th deposit you get 150%. Get ready for lots of “bling-bling” and tons of great promotions with enough games to keep your Vegas nightlife alive at Diamond VIP Casino.

Swing into action and play Crazy Jungle Slots.

Crazy Jungle Slots
Enjoy a jungle ride on this 5 reels 15 paylines video slots game that shows you how to have a great time in the jungle. The bongos are a playing along to the music and soon you’ll be enjoying all the jungle sights and sounds on this game. There’s also a lot of funny and crazy animal characters hanging around on these symbols including a Monkey, Lion, Snake, Parrot, Giraffe, Vulture, Elephant, and there’s also some fruit like a Banana, Apple, Coconut, and a Papaya. The Parrot is the wild symbol and the Monkey and Snake are the scatter symbols. There’s also a decent jackpot of $30,000 if you’re playing the $75 max coin.


Summer is coming up soon so let’s play Crazy Jungle Slots.

Dougies Delights Slots
It’s great to be in America this summer and you’ll enjoy this 5 reels 9 paylines video slots game. You’re going to get in a patriotic mood really quick when see all the features like free spins, multipliers and a bonus game. This game is full of color and excitement especially when you hear the sounds and play along to some patriotic good ole’ USA themed symbols including an American flag, a baseball and a basketball, pizza, the Statue of Liberty bonus symbol, popcorn, hot dogs and a soda. The American Flag is the wild and scatter symbol and the baseball is a bonus icon. You can start collecting the free spins when you get three or more scatters. Dougies Delights 9 line Bonus Feature is a lot of fun as well and you get to play and select the items and take the prize.


Travel to Ancient Greece and play Morpheus Dream Slots.

Morpheus Dream Slots
Set sail for the Mediterranean Sea and the famous Greek islands on this 5 reels 15 paylines video slots game. Socrates would enjoy this authentically Greek themed slots game with lots of free spins, multipliers and bonus game. The graphics are genuinely illustrated symbols that really depict the look and feel of Ancient Greece with the wild laurel wreath symbol, a Greek helmet, Ship, Gold Coin, the Pegasus jackpot symbol, a Greek Urn, Black Olives, a Statue, Shell, Trojan Horse and a Greek Style number 10. The Gold Coin in the wild symbol and the Ship is the scatter symbol The Ship can also bring you lots of free spins so make sure you keep going for those. Sail on over to the Morpheus Dream Slots bonus game as this fun and interactive game lets you pick the scrolls to reveal a prize. A classic slots game that brings you culture and some history along with all the prizes.