Dolphin Reef Slots

Vegas Technology offers a video slots game for those who love the ocean, Dolphin Reef. It is a little different theme from the traditional pirates and treasure hunting games you see, but it is still along the same lines. You are trying to match up similar symbols to be able to go out there and get the best prize. This game has multiple options in winning and being able to go home with more coins than you put into the slot to start. That is the name of the game being able to come back a winner. Join and play at Dolphin Reef Slots now!

Winning Options

There are different ways to be able to play the games that are offered on the machines. In this video slot game you can play up to twenty pay lines on 5 reels in order to be able to maximize your winning potential. There are different combinations and different payouts for you to be able to have the max amount of winnings and opportunities to be able to make even more. You can play any number of lines from 1 to twenty in order to be able to make the most and you can bet from $.01 up to $5.00 in coin size. On each line you may bet up to 10 coins. This will allow you to be able to have a max bet of $5000.00 on one spin of the reels. This is a lot to be placing but it will be worth it as you could win up to five thousand coins on the maximum payout.

How to Win

There are a number of different combinations that can offer payouts on Dolphin Reef. It will depend on which symbols and how many you have lined up that will improve the amount of coins you are able to collect from the game. It is a matter of chance in this game but you are looking to be able to land some treasure chests as you are spinning. These are random and the more of these you get the higher the payout will be. There are number of different winning combinations and options that can provide you with a number of coins to be able to put in your purse. No matter what you do, Dolphin Reef is sure to keep you interested and looking for more whether you are looking to place a small or a large bet, you have that option. This can make it for fun, or if you are really looking to hit that big pay out.