Farming Futures 7 Slots

Do you ever feel bogged down by the constant hustle and bustle of city life? Have you ever found yourself wishing that your parents or grandparents never migrated to the city and that your family stayed in the farm, living the simple life? Yeah, well, if you feel that way, then take a long hard look at the world around you and imagine living without it. Imagine living without your widescreen plasma TV, clubbing on Saturday Nights, the fluffy carpet beneath your toes, your spiffy new designer clothes and then ask yourself whether or not you’d prefer to be ankle deep in mud, tending to a couple of pigs. Now, if you still feel a twinge of craving for the farm life, then why don’t you try playing Farming Futures Slots instead and satiate your craving. Farming Futures Slots is a seven-reel slots machine with a theme that centers on farm life. The symbols you’ll see are humorous pictures of the things you see at a farm. There are pigs, cows, horses, sheep, and of course, the quintessential farmer, all drawn in a cute cartoon style. The animals are decked with money and other items of luxury, which gives a good statement that really relates to the game’s title. The music is quite appropriate for the theme, and will surely amuse you; it’s a farmer-hick type of music that plays each time the spin stops.

Where to Play Farming Futures 7 Slots

There are several online casinos which offer this game, but the brand that you should trust is Liberty Slots Online Casino. What’s great about this casino is that Liberty Slots give really good bonuses and are very reliable.

How to Play the Game

Farming Futures Slots has seven reels in all and nine paylines. This isn’t a very common combination, as most slots machines only have five reels. And at first, you’ll probably get confused by the sheer amount of symbols on the screen. But then you’ll get used to it soon enough. What’s good about this arrangement though is that it will give you frequent winnings, though more often than not, they’ll be small. There are thirty winning combinations with Farming Future Slots and it’s pretty easy to break even with your bets. There is a big potential for winning jackpots that range from 1000 to 2500 coins. Of course, the symbol you have to watch out for is the farmer symbol. Seven of these farmer symbols will give you the highest payout of all, six would give 1000 coins, 5 would give 500, and 4 would give 250, while 3 would give 50. Download Farming Futures 7 Slots into you computer today and get to have an exciting gameplay and a bonus cash on your 10 first deposits.