Fruit Slots

If there’s one theme in the game of Slots that you can really call classic, it’s the fruits theme. Since the birth of Slots, the fruit theme slots has already been implemented. And symbols like cherries and mango's and other fruits were a common sight in those bulky slots machines. Now, even in virtual slots machines, the charm of this fruity theme has not waned. Even today, a lot of people find this theme quite amusing and sometimes, it’s refreshing, especially with the influx of elaborately themed video slots machines.

Fruits Slots is one of those games that banked on the classic slots theme. It has all the classic symbols, cherries, bananas, lemons, and all the other quintessential icons on a fruits slots machine. Indeed, you’re sure to love the simple graphics on this slots machine as they’re a refreshing change from the elaborate ones. The sounds are actually quite good too, not at all annoying like in other games. The interface is pretty simple too and very user friendly. In fact, newcomers to the game should feel right at home and should know what to do at first glance.

How to Play the Game

Fruits Slots is just about as classic as it can get, not just in terms of graphics and symbols either. Even its gameplay is classic, which really makes it a perfect game for those who are new to Slots and want to start with the very basic aspects of the game. Betting is pretty easy, you just have to choose between BET ONE and BET MAX. The minimum amount you can bet is 10 cents while the maximum is three $10 coins, which makes $30. Bet one gives the player the option to increase the number of coins by one with each press of the button so he can just spin the reels when he reaches the amount he wants to bet. Bet Max automatically sets the person’s bet at the maximum amount allowed by the game and automatically gets the reels to spin. There’s also the STOP SPIN button which allows the player to stop the reels at any time he wants. As usual, the jackpot symbol that you have to watch out for is the cherry. It has always been this way for fruit slots machines. Three cherries can give you a total of 2500 coins if you bet three coins. There are still several other combinations, all of which give considerable pay outs.

Where to Play the Game

The best place where you can play this game is Liberty Slots Casino. LibertySlots Casino gives out the best bonuses and the best service and are really the best choice for both pros and budding slots players. We would like to recommend other online casinos accepting us players where you can play Fruit Slots.

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