Legacy Classic Slots

Although Legacy Slots is known as a “Classic” slot, we prefer to think of it as a “classy” slot game. It is beautifully designed with just three symbols, and offers two excellent jackpots. While it is also considered a high rollers slot game, anyone who enjoys unique slots can play this game as there are numerous coin sizes available. Easy to play and definitely worth downloading and playing Legacy Classic Slots, here are some particulars about the game.

The Legacy

Perhaps you are leaving a sizeable legacy to your loved ones. In any case, playing Legacy Classic Slots can increase your winnings significantly. A 3-reel, 5-payline classic slot, Legacy features the first jackpot at 2400 coins and a second jackpot of 1600 coins. The maximum bet is $125 requiring 5 coins; however, you can play with such coin sizes as $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, or the max of $25. The pay table is set at the right of the slot machine so that you can easily refer to it during game play.

Symbolism is Legacy’s Moniker

What is so attractive about Legacy Classic Slots is that there are only three symbols: the Legacy Logo featuring the letter L, bars, and sevens. The letter L makes this a very classy slot game and more importantly, the “L” symbol is the wild symbol and also acts as a wild multiplier. When you play Legacy Classic Slots and the L symbol appears across the reels on line 4, you win the jackpot. Conversely, when the L symbol appears across the reels on line 5, you win the second jackpot. Lines 1, 2, and 3 also carry hefty payouts as well with the L symbol.

Play Legacy Classic Slots

For an enjoyable gaming experience, we highly recommend you download and play Legacy Classic Slots featured at our casinos.