Lucky Club Casino

Lucky Club Casino has been online for quite awhile. They know how to run a great and fun casino, keeping customers happy with professional banking and payouts and awesome customer support. When they took a huge risk recently and switched from the old-guard RealTime Gaming (RTG) platform and changed everything over to the amazing new NuWorks gaming platform. While we love the solid old RTG games and the quality of that gaming system, it is used by a lot of casinos, and, after a while, every RTG casino starts to look like every other.

The NuWorks Experience

By changing over to NuWorks, Lucky Club has really set itself apart from the crowd, as there are still fairly few NuWorks properties as compared to RTG casinos. Plus, given the superb quality of the NuWorks casinos, there is absolutely no loss in quality gaming - this was a move made by some very savvy casino operators!

Some of the features of the new Lucky Club Casino that NuWorks makes possible are:

  • Awesome Security - NuWorks casinos like Lucky Club benefit from one of the best and latest security suites available, giving players peace of mind that their identity information and their money is being handled with the greatest care. Players must provide personal information when they sign up, but once it is in the care of Lucky Club, it is like it was locked up in Fort Knox.

  • Stellar Customer Service - Lucky Club offers several ways to connect with their smart and knowledgeable customer staff. Players can contact them via a toll-free telephone number, by email (to which they offer a pretty quick turnaround time), and via Skype for voice or instant chat functions.

  • Rocking Games - Security and customer service are fundamental to a great casino experience, but what gets people in, and keeps them coming back, is the great games, and Lucky Club has some of the very best. We absolutely love the NuWorks games, and their latest rollouts have been truly world class.

Playing at Lucky Club

When you log onto Lucky Club for the first time you will know: this truly is your lucky day! The games at Lucky Club are fresh, new and really exciting. Here are some of our favorites:

Monster Millions Slots

Monster Millions Slots
Released just in time for Halloween, this is not your typical Halloween themed slot game! This big game offers 5-reels and 25-paylines, and the action keeps coming. The theme is well rendered and the game is quite witty. There are special handlings of the wildcards and super bonus rounds to keep players enthralled for hours.

Silk Caravan Slots

Silk Caravan Slots
Visit the exotic east with Silk Caravan Slots! The theme is unique: it is an old fashioned desert camel caravan bringing treasures from far-off lands. This super game plays on 5-reels, and 50 paylines! The bonus rounds are loads of fun, and the winnings have the potential to be huge.

Samba! Slots

Samba! Slots
Named for the sexy and exciting Brazilian dance, Samba! is a spectacular and fun-to-play game with wonderful bonus rounds and tons of free spins. This is a wild Carnival themed game that keeps the fun and the action going through the late nights!

Location Restrictions

Lucky Club Casino works to provide the best gaming experience for all players. This is why they accept players in just about any part of the world. There are a list of states that are prohibited from entering and playing in the casino. They include, but are not limited to:

Washington State, New York, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, and some others.

Lucky Club Casino wants their players to know that they reserve the right to not allow any player entry into the casino.

Casino Game Selection

Lucky Club Casino has a healthy selection of casino games to choose from. Those searching for a little something different are able to find it within the walls of this casino.

The games are made by NuWorks, which is owned by RTG. This makes them fun, bright games to spend your time playing in. They offer slots, table games, free games, pay games that you can win money on, and more.

It is important to note that their selection, as compared to other casinos that you may visit, is smaller. However, this means they have many fresh, new games that they can add to their selection to make it bigger and better than the other casinos.

There are instant play features for those that want to jump onto the computer and start playing right away. These are easy to use, but you do have to be a registered user in order to play any part of the casino. This is a must, and it takes only a short amount of time to register and start playing.

Casino Promotions Offered

Those that want to play inside the casino can benefit from the many promotions that they offer. Not only for new players that sign up with the casino, but also for ongoing, regular players of the casino. This makes playing more fun and brings in a lot of players time and time again. Some of the current promotions that are happening include:

Multiple deposit bonus where you can get over $2,000 when you deposit cash and get the matching amount to go with that amount of cash. You're also able to make a deposit at any point in the week and get up to 25% back into your player account, making this an ideal choice for those that want a bit extra to play with.

Casino Payouts

The payouts that come from this casino are great. You can expect to have a high ration of pay in, get out payments that are made. The casino prefers to favor the player, giving them a higher payout percentage than the house.

Rewards and VIP Groups

If you want to become a part of a group that is able to do it all and more, then you can become a high roller or a VIP with the casino. This brings not only more promotions, bonuses, and offers but it ensures that the player can get more from the use of this program than ever before.

Mobile Casino Options

Those that want to play at their own convenience are easily able to make use of the mobile casino options that the casino provides. Simply go to the app store for your device, search up the casino's name and download the app. Once downloaded, you can sign into your account, upload money into your player account, and win cash and have it added to your account. You can do everything on the mobile version that you'd be able to do on the full-size. Download and start playing at the mobile casino version for Lucky Club Casino today.

Become a Casino Affiliate

When it comes time to become a casino affiliate, you're easily able to become a partner with them. You just need to sign up with them first, and then they will have you place their information on your website. From there, you can earn royalties for the players that come to visit and play in their casino.

Sportsbook and Betting

There is a small sportsbook section with the casino, but it is a smaller one as compared to some of the others on the market that you can play at. However, the odds are great when it comes to playing at it and there is less competition because of how small it is compared to the other options.

Banking with Lucky Club Casino

There are a number of banking options for those that want to play in the casino and deposit cash into their account. With this type of information, you can ensure that you're able to put cash into your account and then get paid out in the same manner when you win. Here are some of the things to consider when you go to play inside this casino.

The banking options that are offered include:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • NeTeller
  • Check Payment
  • Bank Account
  • American Express
  • MoneyBookers

Contacting the Casinos Support Line

The casino does have a friendly, helpful support line that you are able to use if you have questions or comments that you need to express. The support team is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, making this an ideal choice to go with when you want to contact someone regarding the help you need.

Play at Lucky Club Now!

We have always liked Lucky Club Casino. They took a huge risk changing everything up from its solid, old format, and the risk really paid off. Lucky Club Casino is now among the best and the hottest of the up-and-coming new casinos. Head over and give them a try now - it is sure to become one of your all-time favorites.