Things To Look For In Low Volatility Slot Games

Slot games may look like one another, but there are some vast differences between them. Have you ever played a game where small wins came along very often? What about a game where you seemed to play for ages with no wins at all… and then you hit a big prize?

If both these experiences are familiar to you, you have certainly played both low and high volatility slots. Here, we're going to focus on low volatility slot games. You're about to find out which elements you should consider when playing these games.

Plenty of small prizes on offer

The pay table is a great place to head for when you're figuring out whether a slot game is low volatility or not. If it is, you can expect to see lots of prizes on offer there. More than that, those prizes are likely to be on the lower end of the scale.

When you see this, you know lots of prizes will be paid out quite often. Why? Because that's how they work. You could have two slots each paying out 98% of all bets taken. A low volatility one will pay out 98 cents on every dollar in lots of small prizes. A high volatility slot will pay out the same amount per dollar, but it will likely do it in one or two larger prizes.

Very few large prizes up for grabs

This works the same as the point we made above. The lower the volatility, the lower in value the top prizes will be.

An entertaining theme

How can a theme be an essential part of a low volatility slot, you might ask? A slot theme is just as important as all other elements of a good game. People who play these slots tend to enjoy sitting down to play them for longer. If you want to play a low volatility game, it makes sense to ensure you are playing one with a good theme - something you're going to enjoy.

These games aren't ideal for everyone. However, if you like the idea of playing them, there are lots of them around. You might be surprised how enjoyable they are, especially when you stand a higher chance of winning small prizes quite often. It certainly makes things interesting if you like to celebrate those wins as often as you can.