Rainforest Riches Slots

The Rainforest Riches Slot is yet another fabulous slot game that you can play online. This game is very interesting and it can easily spin you small amount of cash into a great fortune. The slot game comes with great sound and graphics. Whilst playing the game you will be able to hear sound of thunder and rainfall making the slot game more realistic.

The Main key features of the Rainforest Riches Slots are as follows:

This is a classic game that has 3 reels and a single payline. You are only able to bet with a maximum of 3 coins and the denominations vary from 5c up to $1.

The main reason why it is call the rainforest riches slot is that it has a huge jackpot of 10 000 coins to offer. You are able to get the maximum jackpot coins if you bet on max with 3 coins. Its second highest payout is of 5 000 coins. The bars and tree frogs make up the symbols of this game and they come in 3 colors, green, red and blue.

In order to win the jackpot you need to get the tree frogs in a specific order on the payline. The winning order will be a red, green and blue tree frog.

The winning combinations of the game will show on screen and before you start to play you are able to see the winning combinations that are recommended by the game on screen. Generally when you begin to spin the reels you will know what you are targeting to get.