Salsa Rapid Fire Slots

While most slots players have their favorite games, trying out some new options can be a great way to spend a bit of time and explore various games. Slotsforcash online play gives you a huge number of online slot machines to choose from, some which may be your tried and true favorites and others which are brand new. If you haven't already tried your hand at Salsa Rapid Fire slots you may want to spend a bit of time getting familiar with this fun slot game.

Rapid Fire Games For Winning Action

If you aren't familiar with rapid fire games offered by Cryptologic you may be missing out on some serious winning chances. These games are progressive, with a wide range of online machines adding to the jackpot options. Each player is eligible to hit the jackpot based on simply playing and you don't need to have a winning combination to win.

There are several rapid fire games offered at slotsforcash that really make winning that big jackpot a reality rather than a distant dream. The longer you play and the more you wager the better your chances are for a windfall, plus all the other players will also be contributing to the total payout.

Spicy Salsa Symbols

As can be guessed, the Salsa Rapid Fire Slots are themed on a spicy, hot Mexican theme. The symbols include a guitar, donkey, smiling sun, cactus, an armadillo and some other Mexican themed graphics. The sounds are likewise Mexican in design, making for a fun and interesting game all the way around.

The red and green beans are the most important symbols on the five reels. There are nine paylines with a red bean as a wild symbol and the green been a scatter symbol. The combinations that include the red bean wild symbol pay out at two hundred percent of the wager, so betting the maximum is a great decision.

Bonus Games For That Added Kick

The green bean gives a scatter bonus prize when two or more are seen on any reel during a spin. However, if three or more of the green beans appear a bonus matching game pops up on the screen. Winnings are increased dramatically during the bonus pick a prize game and it also adds a lot of entertainment value to the game.

Salsa rapid fire slots and the other rapid fire games offered through slotsforcash are a great way for a new player or an experienced slot player to take a walk on the spicy side and salsa away with some extra cash.