Conan the Barbarian Slots

Conan, who originated way earlier, appeared as a Marvel Comics hero during the 1970’s. As a well known warrior with brute strength and a protector of his nation, his reputation preceded him. Today Conan the Barbarian still exists and has been brought back into the world time and time again by various authors, a movie and now CryptoLogic has immortalized him in a 5 reel bonus slot. The graphics in the game are based on the comic book’s depiction of the hero bringing into the mix movement and sound. Download and Play Conan the Barbarian Slots.

Experience the formidable strength of this talented fighter

The machine has only 9 paylines across the 5 reels, each payline is activated from payline 1 in order up to payline nine by adding one more coin. What is interesting about this slot is that each payline has a jackpot amount that explodes when you get 5 Conan the Barbarian symbols on it in a row. So if you don’t play all 9 lines you do not get paid for all combinations. These jackpots are progressive and are reset as they are won. They are paid out in coins so the value of the payout depends on the size of your bet.

Start by placing a bet equivalent to 1% of your balance, you can bet on all paylines and then bring the value of the coin right down to 5c and again right up to $5. So betting on all paylines can cost as little as 45c per spin. This is a great game to ease you into online slots. Remember by keeping this ratio so that you are able to work more spins into your game play. The more spins you have available to you the better your chances of hitting a jackpot.

Conan will lead you to victory

Conan the crazy, wild warrior is the wild symbol. He can replace any symbol on the reels to create a win where there otherwise would have been a near miss. As the most valuable symbol on the screen he is also the jackpot trigger. 5 Conan the Barbarian symbols pays out the jackpot for that line.

The scatter is the text Conan game logo. Three of more scatters will launch the bonus round. The scatter is also the multiplier and pays out a multiplication of your bet, up to 100 times for 5 scatters. The symbol is called a scatter because it does not function within a payline but rather scattered across the reels.

The Cave of Skulls doesn’t stand a chance

The bonus round is where you can expect to make up some good cash prizes. The prizes are paid out in coins therefore the more valuable your coin, the more you score. Three scatters will take you into a dark cave with Conan facing skulls strung up on chains. As he slashes them with his mighty sword they burst into flame and reveal a prize amount. Keep annihilating skulls with unlimited tries until you are stopped with a trap. A strategist of note, this cartoon hero will keep you entertained while he mashes his way through the reels to bring you great win after yet another sterling win. Graceful and swift Conan the Barbarian will take on anything. Come and play this incredible game by opening an account and getting started. Entertainment is just a click away.