Banana Odyssey Slots

Banana Odyssey mixes together monkeys and astronauts into a fun combination that showcases intense graphics of monkeys in space. There are all sorts of fun symbols to look out for while playing, but even more important than the fun design of this game are all the potential features and prize payouts. This game has serious prize potential and could make its players quite a bit richer under the right circumstances. Find out what we love about this slot and what could be better in our review below. You won’t be sorry.

This Microgaming Slot has a Modern Design

This slot was developed by Microgaming recently and you can tell. It’s been designed with care to keep it clean and modern looking, which means that the layout is simple and the symbols look very nice. Microgaming is known for making very well-polished slot games, and Banana Odyssey is no different than the rest. This game can be a bit confusing to use at first because most of the options are hidden, but after you get used to the game this is a welcome change and makes wagering, spinning and everything else just a little bit more convenient while improving the look of the game.

A Video Slot Game

This video slot game doesn’t have any sort of progressive jackpot but does offer impressive prizes. The only difference is that you’ll know exactly what sort of wins to play before loading the slot. Progressive jackpots are nice, but it’s even better playing a slot game like this with huge win potential that is more reliable and set. Give it a try and you’ll see just how much money can be won from this slot game.

Few Paylines but Big Potential

There are only 10 paylines in this slot, which would limit the wager limit in most other games, but doesn’t get in the way with this slot. These 10 lines are locked into position so the minimum you can wager while playing is $0.10 per spin. This should be low enough for most gamblers though, even if they have a pretty small bankroll to play with. Players that want to bet big will be shocked by the maximum wager amount accepted by this slot. It’s possible to wager as much as $400 per spin with a $40.00 line wager. That’s almost unheard of in slot games and means that prize wins can be massive while playing this game.

There are Expanding Wild Re-Spins

Each of the wild symbols has a chance to expand and take over their entire reel after appearing. When this happens the game gets more interesting and more profitable as well. Expanding wilds lock the slot into a re-spin and you’ll get one more spin to try and win big off the expanded wild symbol. If you get another expanding wild after the first you’ll enjoy another re-spin without having to pay for it. this feature leads to large prize wins many times and was one of our favorite features offered by this slot.

Trigger the Free Spins Round

Getting three or more free spin symbols on the reels will take you to the free spin bonus round of this slot. Once there you’ll enjoy many free games with an added bonus triggered throughout. For the entire time that you go through the free spin rounds, any expanding wilds that appear will be held in position for the rest of the game. That means if you’re lucky enough to get several expanding wilds during one of the first rounds, you’ll have those wilds to win off of for the rest of your spins. Sometimes the free games don’t pay much, but with just a bit of luck, you can win a large stack of cash by playing through these rounds.

Winning Big is Possible

With symbol combinations in place, it’s possible to win up to $160,000 or up to 400x your entire wager amount while playing this game. That’s a huge prize payout and would make most gamblers very wealthy. There are also a few different symbols that result in a 4,000 coin prize payout if you manage to get five of them across the reels of the slot. This game is a bit more generous than other slot games with its standard payouts and that means even during the base games of the round you’ll have a lot to look forward to with each spin you go through.

Rating and RTP

The RTP value or return-to-player amount is an important value to consider for every slot game that you review. Banana Odyssey offers a value of 96.31% which isn’t half bad. That means that gamblers have a good shot at coming away with respectable wins while playing and that the game is a better value than many other slots available today. With that considered along with the design, the flexibility and the high-value offered by this game we can give this slot game a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. We wish it had more bonus features, but this slot is a blast to play and is worth testing at least once if you like space or monkey-themed games.

Try it With Demo Then Play for Real

To start off with this game take a moment to visit a compatible Microgaming casino and load it up in Demo mode. This doesn’t take much time or effort and gives you a first-hand look at the game and all its features. It’s a good idea to read through reviews like this one to learn about the game, but that doesn’t compare to playing it for yourself. While in free play mode, you can decide if you want to wager real cash on the slot or not. If you do decide to play for real money that same casino offers a real money version of the game as well. Toggle over to the real money play mode and start wagering and trying for cash wins. It takes just a moment to do this and you can toggle back to free play mode whenever you like as well.

Bring the Slot with You

Stop playing slot games that limit you in terms of what devices you can play on and start playing more flexible options like this one. We love this slot because it runs so well on our smartphones. Simply visit the casino site and click the game to load it on a mobile device. After doing that you can start wagering from anywhere and even swap from one device to the next in mere moments. It’s convenient and easy and worth the time and effort as well.

Banana Odyssey is a fun parody-style slot game that combines monkeys and astronauts into one. It seems simple in design but has a complex system of bonuses and special features that lead to combination wins frequently. Try it for yourself to see why the game stands out to us, and you might be recommending this game to others after a short while.