Moby Dick Slots

Moby Dick slots is an exciting, fast paced game that follows the traditions that come from the Moby Dick story that you know so well.

Ready to sail around the world? So is Moby and he is ready to make sure that you find all of the treasure of the sea with it. With so much being offered, you can make sure to make the most of the game play with a little fun and games that are being brought to life right on the screen in front of your eyes.

Want to keep the fun going and perhaps win a little water cash in the end?

Symbols Found in Moby Dick

As with any other slot machine game, you can expect to see symbols that pop up everywhere. The ship, the pirates, Moby himself, the treasure and sea and more all welcome the player to the game. With many chances to line them up right and get a payout, you can make the most of the exciting slots.

There are even more extras to make use of when the time comes to get a little more entertainment and a lot more payout.

Bonuses and Extras When Catching the Whale

There are many bonuses and extras that come with catching the whale and getting the treasure that comes with the whale. If you're looking for a little more that comes with a game, then it might be time to consider the extras with this one.

Every time you have a winning spin, you get an extra bonus spin on top of it. This is great when you're trying to make a little more when banking out.

Other bonus rounds are also given. Get 4 or more scatter symbols and they give out 20 free spins, where you can win cash or even more free spins. You're in control of everything when it comes to pulling the lever and making the move. Are you ready?

The Whale is Out There

Jump in the ship and make your next move when it comes to catching the whale. You want to make sure that this is a game that you can cash in on. With so many reels to win on, there is truly something there for you to make use of.

Cash out, win big and catch that whale! You will be surprised at how big of a payout is given when you actually do!