Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Slots

Multi-Player Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Slots

The Wheel of Wealth makes its exclusive debut. The Wheel of Wealth consists of a multiplayer wheel of wealth community machine slot, being the newest kind of game online. The casino players can chat as they play slots, even they can participate at the shared bonuses in every round. Filling up the similar space, now the players can look at each other on results, thus make a real shared game. This is the ultimate experience when it comes to online casino community.


The Wheel of Wealth’s bonus edition consists of a fun 25 lines game with multiple coins, with a theme of life style, the multiplier, wild symbols, 2 bonuses and scatter symbols. There’s the pick x of the y reel bonus features, as well as the bonus wheel. Two methods are available for players who would like to get access to the thrill of the bonus game.

Wheel of Wealth slot strategy

When three or four bonus symbols are triggered on the pay lines, reel featured bonuses are triggered. Players enable this bonus when they select a symbol and it is displayed at the reel. Their prize can be an entry to the wheel of wealth game or some other value. When five symbols are on the pay lines, the bonus wheels are triggered. In this bonus wheel, players do get a chance in spinning wheels, as well as win some value. This bonus wheel symbols are doubles and wild combinations, featuring an all winning, not including scatter and bonus symbol. W.O.W has the opportunity of being triggered when the five bonus coins do appear at the pay lines. This stage provides players with the excitement of the chance to spin the multicolored wheels, thus winning cash rewards up to ten thousand coins which has the 5,000 value. They can also bet on a rate of at least ten coins in every pay lines; on denominations that range from 1 cent up to 50 cents. In maximum bets it’s up to 125 and players can have access to huge jackpots of fifty thousand or more. When the bonus wheel turns, the anticipation grows. You’ll keep asking yourself who wins that lucky spot with a big prize. When that wheel stops, every player wins some payouts that include their own winning segment, which is multiplied to the multiplied bonus. In the multiplayer wheel of wealth, the player gets the chance to win even a thousand credits for every bonus segment. When the bonus segment has been finished, a player returns to the game with which he is based. They start to collect their multiplier over and over again. Now, the fun part is that instead of a solitary experience, people globally may chat with each one on their own languages, socialize with newer friends, as well as share excitements on their slot community of winners.

3 methods on W.O.W for winning slot game

It’s by the game, by the bonus of W.O.W. and by Reel on Lucky Nugget casino. The W.OW. featured edition, is a very compelling type of game at Big five reel, twenty five pay lines layout, which is improved by the slew with lots of exciting features like extra bonuses through wilds, the multipliers, scatters and a lot more…

Where to Play

This game takes place at the 32Red Casino, All Slot casino, it’s the new, the unique casino online that hosts this very cool game and was founded by the Microgaming industry. As you may know, Microgaming equals quality when speaking of online casino. Rest assured Microgaming provides stability, great security, lots of action and assures payouts. When you choose this game, players are transferred to some room that is filled with other players enjoying a similar game. With excitement on the air being tangible, there are spinning reels and winnings of high payouts, as well as multipliers adding to the games. The bonus is multiplied, being awarded to two to 5 land of scatters. You will be able to meet new acquaintances, keep spinning and win with excitement on bonus on group’s game slot. Download and try the Wheel of Wealth Slot because it provides an all human feel to it, since real people like you are playing and winning. Participating in common jackpots is a lot of fun. However, such excitement is not yet available for players from USA. If you are looking to play an excellent classic slots, then you should try Wheel of Wealth Classic Slots.