Independence Day Video Slots

Independence Day Slots

Independence Day is one of the most promising slot machines to be released in a long time. There are enough symbols around the theme of American Independence that have been created for this slot machine that the use of card ranks is not necessary as it would be in so many other slot machines. The jackpot maximum of $200,000 is very impressive and the fact that this slot machine is being released specifically to commemorate a holiday that is very loved within the United States is something that shows just how ambitious this project really was.

With all of these things going for it, Independence Day is a five reel, nine pay line video slot machine that is going to make a lot of people’s holiday celebration even better than it already would be. So add some more enjoyment to your celebration of the birth of America and play Independence Day Video Slot game online.

Casinos to Play

There are a lot of excellent online casinos with "tempting promotions", but we on this site recommend only trust worthy casinos where you can safely play and enjoy there really promotions. Independence Day Video Slots is American Independence theme slot game and we invite you to play it at USA friendly online casinos: