Aces and Faces Video Poker

Aces and Faces is fun spin on the typical video poker game. By playing 100 hands of poker at once, Aces and Faces keeps the game exciting and interesting. For casino enthusiasts, the concept of "100 Play Power Poker" is very appealing and can be very profitable.

Where to Play Aces and Faces

Find Aces and Faces at some of the web’s premier online casinos. Make sure to sign up a real-player account when you get in the game, to take advantage of the great sign up bonuses out there. For example, Club USA Casino , will give you a $777 sign up bonus or Ladbrokes Casino will give you a $200 sign up bonus.

Playing Aces and Faces Video Poker

Aces and Faces is a great game for winning big money. As you win, you move up level by level. Of course, as you progress level by level, the more money you can win. You can play up to 100 hands at once, with 100 separate decks. The game has no wild cards or jokers. As you place your bets, you are betting on the 100 hands that have been dealt. You're dealt 5 cards, and just like in a regular game of 5 card poker, you can decide to keep or discard any of your cards. The game also gives you the option to "Autohold" on specific cards to optimize a winning strategy. After you've decided which cards you want to hold, the game deals you 100 hands. As you are dealt your hands, the game will tell you when you have a winning hand.

Aces and Faces even offers the option of playing at different levels depending on your skill and gumption. For the amateur poker fan just looking for a fun game, start as a beginner. For the more adventurous, more experienced poker player, try the "expert" mode. The game is also speed-adjustable. One of the great features of Aces and Faces is the Autoplay function; play a few hands, and get great payouts without doing a thing!

How the Payouts Work

With each winning hand you're dealt, you get paid. There are 4 levels in Aces and Faces, so you have the ability to make up to 8 times your initial bet. You get a certain amount of coins for each winning hand, with the possibility of winning up 3,200 coins. Double up your coin size and win more. You have the option to bet up to $25 in coin size. A Royal Flush has a pot size of 4,000 coins.

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