Haunted Reels Slots

Haunted Reels Slots

The easy to use interface of Haunted Reels makes it an easy online slot game for anyone to play, even the beginning slot player. The bonus round, wild symbol, multiplier symbol and unique characters make the game even more exciting. Before you go any farther, download Haunted Reels Slots and learn how you can win the great prizes and experience the excitement of this online slots game right away.

Features of Haunted Reels

Haunted Reels is an online slots game with three reels and one pay line. The minimum a player can bet is ten cents and the maximum is thirty dollars. The game also includes a bonus game and a wild symbol all within a Halloween theme. You have to make sure you have Flash Player in order to play Haunted Reels.

Haunted Reels Theme

The interface of Haunted Reels includes a classic look and feel that is quite similar to what you would encounter in a live Vegas Casino. It includes regular symbols such as the Bar (one, two or three bars) along with unique characters in a Halloween theme. Some of the characters you will encounter in Haunted Reels include:
  • The Witch (also the wild and multiplier symbol)
  • Trick or Treat Candy
  • The Tombstone
  • Jack-O-Lantern

Winning Prizes

Haunted Reels has some very exciting prizes for those who are skilled enough to beat the machine with any number of winning combinations. In addition, you also have the opportunity to win the bonus round for even more excitement. Players are allowed to bet up to three coins with each credit having a prize attached to it. In order to receive the highest payout, you want to place your bets using the highest coin value and betting three coins with each spin. Since the Witch is both a wild and multiplier symbol, you can use it to replace any symbol in order to create a winning combination. If you win when you use the wild symbol, your payout is double what you would win otherwise. If you use two Witch symbols your winnings are four times the regular winning amount. If you check the pay table in the top part of the screen you will see the highest paid combinations include Witch symbols on the pay line. If you are playing with three coins you can win the jackpot of 2,400 coins.

Bonus Round

If you land a Jack-O-Lantern on the pay line while betting the maximum, you are allowed to enter the bonus round. During the bonus round several Jack-O-Lanterns will be displayed. You can click on each one to view the amount behind each one-the round stops when you choose "collect the amount" and return to the regular Haunted Reels Slots game.