High 5 Mega Spin Classic Slots

Give me a high five! No doubt you have utilized this expression when playing sports or watching your favorite team score points. Either way, this expression of achievement has been around for ages, and now you can literally play High 5 Mega Spin Classic Slots at our featured Microgaming casinos. This is no ordinary classic slot, but will have you high five-ing it each and every time you get a winning combination.

Take Five

A 3-reel, 1-payline classic slot, this colorful and most exciting slot game has two lucrative jackpots. The first is an amazing 15,000 coins, while the second wins you a handsome 5000 coins. If you think the max amount per spin would be high considering the jackpots, you’ll be happy to learn that this slot is $15 per spin. And even that can be lowered as there are a variety of coin sizes available to you.

A Truly Classic Slot

High 5 Slots incorporates all the familiar classic symbols you’d find in traditional slots of old. These include: cherries, sevens and bars of all colors, and the newest addition of the high 5 logo symbol. There are ten winning combinations and we advise you to read the pay table as the symbols and their payouts as well as some special features are listed to the right of the slot machine. The High 5 symbol is wild and is also a wild multiplier. When one High 5 symbol appears, you will win 5x your bet, and if the High 5 symbol appears twice in a winning combination, you will win 15 times your bet!

Play High 5 Mega Spin Classic Slots

Easy to play and offering particularly high jackpots for this type of classic slot, we invite you to download and play High 5 Mega Spin Classic Slots today!