Shaaark! Slots

With cartoon-like graphics, Shaaark! slots provide a fun, fast-paced casino experience. The 5-reel, 25 pay line slot game provides a jackpot worth $80,000 and plenty of chances to win free spins. During Jaws everyone ran from the shark. This time, you'll be cheering him on. In fact, you're going to want the shark to appear from the depths because he's your chance to win large prizes.

Breakdown of Shaaark! Slots Symbols and Prizes

Shaaark! slots features common poker symbols such as the ten, jack, queen, king and ace. These offer lower prize levels ranging from five coins to 150 coins. If you spin these symbols during bonus rounds, your prize amounts will double.

Three other important symbols appear during Shaaark! slots. The warning sign provides a 200 coin prize if it appears five times. The seal is work 250 and the man floating in a tube is worth 1,000 for five matches. For two, three or four matches, prizes range from 15 coins to 250 coins.

For larger prizes, you need to spin the shark fin or the picture of Jaws himself. Jaws is a wild card and worth plenty if he appears multiple times.

Wild Card Shark and Shark Fin Scatter Symbols on Shaaark! Slots

Watch for the shark fin, the important scatter symbol, because it delivers ten free spins. You can win even more free games during the bonus rounds.

During these free spin rounds, watch for the shark to appear on the screen. If it does, it's a wild card and will turn your symbols into symbols you need to win.

During the free games, all prizes are doubled allowing you to win more money than expected. Should you manage to get five sharks, you'll land the substantial 4,000 coin prize that increases drastically if you get additional bonuses.

Game Play Suits all Skill Levels

If you are new to slot games, Shaaark! slots is enjoyable and easy to learn. Game play is very simple. Make your wager, spin the reel and wait for the prize bells to go off.

Bet amounts range from one penny to $30. The maximum bet is only offered if you have enough money in your account.

Default betting amounts are set at 10 cents per line. Bet on 20 lines with default betting. This brings your total bet to $2. The more money you wager, the higher the possible prize.

Practice Before You Play

Enjoy practice rounds of Shaaark! slots before depositing your money. Today's most popular online casinos usually have a Play Cash feature allowing you to play for fun while you get used to game play. Once you're read to play for prizes, simply make a deposit.

Be aware of welcome and first deposit bonuses that quickly increase your original bank deposit. With many online casinos, your original deposit is doubled or tripled instantly.