Action Ops: Snow & Sable Slots

Head deep into the world of secret agents complete with fun gadgets and big prize-paying opportunities with Action Ops: Snow and Sable. This online slot is a typical 5x3 reel game by Microgaming, but it comes with some exciting features that will make you want to keep turning those reels. We were drawn in by the look of the slot, but we stuck around during our review for the features. Learn why the prize payouts aren't so exciting, but the game is still worth playing for the right players down below.

Another Fun Microgaming Creation

Microgaming is one of the most well-known and prolific slot developers around today. With more than 500 games in its library, this slot development company has some very fun titles available for gamblers to play and is known for making rock-solid creations. This slot is reliable and fun for that very reason, and we're glad it was developed by Microgaming.

Wagering is Simple with Fixed Paylines

Wagering couldn't be any easier in this slot game because you have one set of arrows to adjust the bets up or down with. The 10 paylines are locked in the always-on position, so you'll be wagering an amount times ten with each bet you place. The lowest wager is $0.10 for that reason, and the high wager goes up to $100.00 per spin. This range is good enough for most gamblers to be comfortable and it means that there is a whole lot of money to be won for the gamblers willing to bet big.

A Very Simple Video Slot Game

This slot is a standard video slot and it doesn't rely on advanced controls or too many options. For that reason, it's simple enough for most gamblers to pick it up and begin using it. If you're searching for a simple slot game that's fun to play around with but not complicated, this one matches that description nicely.

A Bland Paytable

There's nothing overly exciting about this slot game's paytable and the ones won't make you want to play. With that said, you can get very nice combinations of prize wins with this game with the right amount of luck. By spinning the reels you could end up triggering a combination that includes many different lines wins all at the same time. Do that and you'll be happy that you tried this slot game over the others with the higher winning prize combinations for a single line.

Always on Wild Free Spins

Getting three or more of the Snow and Sable bonus symbols anywhere on the reels of the slot is all it takes to trigger the special free spin bonus round. When you do that, you'll enjoy between 10 and 20 free spins. There is no multiplier reward on those spins and instead, you get an expanded wild on reel 1 and reel 5. One is Snow and the other is Sable. These two wilds may swap places periodically, but you will always have two full-sized wilds to build prizes off of. This bonus feature will lead to tons of prize payouts most of the time and if you are lucky enough to get three scatter symbols on the inside three reels, you'll re-trigger this bonus round again. Just note that it's more difficult re-triggering this bonus round than it is on other slots because the outside reels are set to wilds.

An Excellent Maximum Payout

Though paytable prizes aren't that large, the real wins in this slot come from combinations of wins instead. That means that you can theoretically win up to $100,000 in a single spin if you can cover all of the reels with wilds. That's difficult to do, but would payout 1000x the total wager amount that you have in place. Bet the maximum amount and you could win a life-changing amount of money, or at least a very exciting payday. The rest of the time you're just going to hope to get winning combinations as you spin because the single wins just aren't that compelling.

A Respectable RTP

With an RTP (return to player) value of 96%, there's some very nice cash to be won while playing Sable and Snow if you're lucky enough. This slot game pays out a respectable amount to long-term gamblers, but it's not the most generous that you'll find online today. We won't tell players not to try this game if they want a good chance to win, but we won't recommend this as the most generous slot game either.

Our Rating: We Like it

We really like this slot game because it looks nice and has a nice combo system in place. For that, we give it a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. Despite all the polish and the nice free spin bonus, there are some downsides to this slot game. It doesn't pay out as much as we would like for each win, and the top payout isn't as large as other games. With that said, it's still fun and worth playing.

Try it Today

Interested in this spy-themed slot, try it for free today! That's right, the game runs in demo mode without any money at all so you can test it out easily. Run the slot and get familiar with its features to decide if you want to play it or not. With a bit of testing, you'll have a good idea of whether this game is worth playing and then you can swap to real money play from there.

Take it with You

If you decide that you love this slot game you can bring it around with you all over. It works on most mobile devices and doesn't require any installs to get it running. That's another major perk with this game and why we recommend it to gamblers that like having options.

Action Ops: Snow and Sable is a nice slot with a good look and feature set. It doesn't pay as much as we would like, but it's the perfect game for gamblers that like winning combinations of prizes rather than getting single wins. If that's your thing, or you just like the look of this slot, give it a try for yourself and decide if you like it from there.