Vampire Vixen Slots

Ready to put your neck on the line? Vampire Vixen slots is a 5-reel, 25 pay line slot game that gives you a thirst for winning. Bet anywhere from a penny to $10 one one or all 25 pay lines ($250 total bet). The right combinations of symbols wins free spins or the jackpot of $80,000.

You won't be scared by this vampire-themed slot game. In fact, you'll be crossing your fingers that the Vampire Vixen comes to you with a win.

The Legend of the Vampire

We all know the story of Count Dracula, but of equal importance in vampire lore is the Vampire Vixen. This beautiful lady seduces men with her looks and charm. Once she's won them over, she moves in for her feast.

It is this legendary vampiric beauty that forms the heart of Vampire Vixen slots. She'll lure you into her game, but you don't risk your safety, instead you stand to win plenty of cash. You'll love this Vampire Vixen!

Fun and Friendly Game Play

In horror movies, vampires tend to be ominous, blood thirsty creatures. That's not the case with Vampire Vixen slots. While images of bloody cherubs may seem creepy, action within the five reels is where your attention will be focused. Besides the typical poker symbols of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, you'll be cheering for the appearance of blood spattered family crests, wolves and scared men begging for mercy.

Place your bet, including the number of pay lines you want to wager on. Choose your with the increase or decrease arrows, push the BetMax button for a maximum bet. Or, if you're uncertain, try the auto-play function and the computer will place a bet for you. Spin the Vampire Vixen reels and anticipate landing on any of the vampire inspired symbols.

Head to a Casino for a Bite of the Winnings

Vampire Vixen Slots comes with a handy help tab. Don't worry about forgetting which symbols are most important, a quick check of the pay table will refresh your memory.

If you're not ready to play with your own money, join leading casinos and play for fun. Master game play and then make your deposit and play for the generous jackpot prize. We recommend to play Vampire Vixen Slots at user friendly and trust worthy online WGS casinos. When making your first deposit or signing up with a casino offering Vampire Vixen slots, watch for generous welcome and deposit bonuses. Often, you can double your original bank deposit making it easy to risk bank money rather than your own.