Liberty 7s Slots

The Liberty 7s Slots is one version of the Lucky 7’s game that includes a patriotic theme. The red, white and blue of the American flag contribute to the theme of Liberty 7s Slots. If you are the patriotic kind, you can feel you are doing a service to your country by playing Liberty 7’s with its red, white and blue themed sevens.

Features of the Liberty 7’s Slots

While the Liberty 7’s game is like other Lucky 7’s, it has some very distinct features. While it is still a three reel game, it has very unique symbols with a patriotic theme. The symbols’ colors are limited to the red, white and blue colors that are symbolic of the United States flag. This makes it easy for the slots player who only needs to focus on making a combination of red, white and blue colored sevens. What this means is the player does not need to be concerned about the symbols in one pay line as long as he or she is able to form a combination of sevens in red, white and blue. In order to win the jackpot a player must spin a red seven, white seven and blue seven in that specific order. If you placed the maximum bet and form the right combination you can win 10,000 coins for that game. Someone who is willing to continue taking chances by betting the maximum can walk away with much more cash than they had when they began.

Placing Bets in the Game

The Liberty 7s Slots game allows you to bet a maximum of three coins. The denomination of the coins is in six different varieties and ranges from ten cents to ten dollars. The amount of money you can win in a game of Liberty 7’s depends upon how much you are willing to bet. If you are a high roller and willing to bet the maximum allowable wager for each play in your game, you have the opportunity win big. However, if you bet the minimum your chance of winning anything substantial is highly unlikely if not impossible. The best way to ensure winning a high amount in this and any other slots game is to bet the maximum amount of coins in the highest possible denomination. This certainly isn’t a guarantee since the game is solely a game of chance, but you increase you potential when you are willing to make a high monetary investment.