Silver Star Slots

The sheriff’s badge is an all powerful authority back in the small, rough western towns and Cryptologic has figured out how to use it for more great gains in the wonderful world of online slots. The graphics are truly ingenious, detailed caricatures. Each symbol has an entertainment value right from the expression on the horse’s face while he is half-heartedly snacking on his carrot to the wanted poster slapped onto the saloon door. The background music and animations as well as the sun setting on the cactus ridden western plains in the scene set behind the reels, make this slot a masterpiece. Silver Star pays out wins from 25 paylines per spin. There are 28 possible winning combinations so download Silver Star Slots and place your bets ladies and gentlemen!

At the ready, aim and fire!

For a 25 payline slot there is no question about it, all 25 paylines must be activated. The reason for this is simple. Wins on paylines that have no bets place on them do not get paid out. A 25 payline slot is a slot that gives you 25 chances at winning for each spin. Out of the 25 paylines there may of course be more than one winning combination. The bonus is that all wins are tallied and added to your balance.

Adjusting the value of the coin is a matter of clicking the up and down arrows next to the BET button just below the reels. One of the great things about most of Cryptologic’s slots is the huge variation in coin size allowing this game to be played for a single cent per line at 25c per spin or for as much as $20 per line at max bet of $500. Betting max has the single benefit of bigger wins for bigger bets so you can choose to play $500 per spin for a chance to bring down a $100 000 jackpot or play smaller and pocket proportionate wins.

The tell tale signs that something is a-brewing in this town

The sheriff calls the shots in the Wild West as he holds the status of the wild symbol. He stands in for any other symbol to increase your chances of forming winning combinations and hitting a win. The only symbol that he does not substitute for is the scatter, his Silver Star sheriff’s badge. The scatter is a great symbol since it can be scattered across the 25 paylines and still payout according to the paytable. Not only that but three of these symbols will send you to the Shooting Gallery to try out your sharp shooting skills. As the multiplier, 5 scattered Silver Stars will multiply your bet by 100 and add the wins to your balance. Placing max bet will see you with a scatter bounty of $5000. Littered through the reels are other symbols such as the prostitute in her red dress, a cow skull, some old tumble weed, a cobra, the carrot chewing horse and an old wagon.

Revolvers at the ready

The sharp shooters all practice a game where they aim to shoot down as many ducks as they can. Get your swagger on when you get 3 or more Silver Stars scatters across the screen at the same time to qualify you for a round. You only have 5 shots so take careful aim. For each duck you put a hole through you are awarded a random prize amount. They are added to your total at the end of the game. These bonus rounds can send you off with a nice packet of cash!

The call of the wild Wild West is strong and should not be denied. Saddle up your horse and get your account by downloading the software. Every sharp shooter knows the faster the gun the better the reward.