Pixiu Slots

When you are checking out the different slots out there and you want something that has an Asian theme with fun symbols, but also one that has almost a classic twist to it; this would be it. You can be sure to find the slots that welcome one and all to come in and spin to play. Once you do this, you will then find out how easy it is to get some cash in your pocket when the time comes to get more from the use of the slots.

This 3-reel bonus slot machine is a progressive slot machine that provides the best possible outcome. You can ensure that you are having a good time, and since it is also a video slot, you can expect to find high-quality images, symbols, sounds, and so much more when you sign in and start playing. Once you do, you will see just how much this slot machine is going to be able to pay out and how much fun you're able to have. Lay down a wager as low as .10 cents or as high as $5 and get more out of the symbols that you lay on.

The Software Offering Colorful Graphics at the Pixiu Slots

When you are checking out a new slot machine, then you should make sure to find out who the software developer is. This can be anyone on the internet. The best part about these slots are that they are made by Arrow's Edge. They are known for their high-quality games that they offer, but also the sounds, graphics, and fun. When you are looking for the best software and gaming experience, then this is where you want to go and the software company you want to play with.

Asian Symbols are Colorful, Fun and Pay Out Large Amounts

There are many different symbols that come around the board with the reels in this game. You need to have an idea of what to expect with each of the symbols that are going to be landed on. The classic symbols for the Ace, Queen, King, and more all line up in front of you. These are not symbols that really pay out anything unless you land on all of them in a row and if you do, then they pay out a smaller amount but it is something.

If you want to go with a bigger payout then you have to make sure that you are checking out the specialized symbols that can be lined up with on the reels. This is everything from the Phoenix, Dragon, Coin, Eagle, and Jade Ring. It is important that you think about these as level-ups because when you land on them, you have a chance to level up. You can go up to level four, but you have to collect points by landing on these special characters. The more spins, the higher you're going to get, especially if you're doing well.

Bonus Rounds with Exciting Extras

This slot machine offers a lot of different extras and bonuses, so if you are looking for a bit more than just spinning the reels and seeing where they land. Get three gold coins that can land on the reels, when you do, you can open up one of the bonus games. You then get to choose one of those coins which have a winning amount, free spins amount, or an extra bonus round which gives you another chance to win some more.

The number of free spins and the amount you win with this specific game depends on the level you are on. The higher the level you are, the more you're able to get. The bonus round brings you to a new screen with eight coins on it. Four of the coins are gold, and the other four are jade. You have to grow the Pixiu larger to get prizes along the way. The bigger it grows as you choose them, the more you are going to win. As soon as you come upon the stone, the bonus round ends.

Another great thing about the Pixiu Slots is that they offer three different jackpots that you can win. This is one of the best things to think about. The Mystery jackpot pays automatically and you can win an instant $10,000 in your account. The Super Slots is the biggest of the three that you can win and it can pay up towards $70,000 randomly when you land in the right place and are there at the right time. The more you play, the more chances you get to win. The third jackpot is the Cash Grab option which pays frequent, smaller amounts randomly as you play. Extra cash, even in smaller amounts, is always a good thing.

When you are ready to play and have a good time, then the Pixiu Slots are here waiting for you. You can give them a try and see just how much you love playing them and how much you can get from them. You can even play on your mobile device if you have the casino app downloaded to your phone. Simply go to the game and play! It is easy to win on the go or right from the comfort of your own house.