Space Traders Slots

In one of the most unusual and very lucrative slot I've reviewed over the years, Space Traders Slots has to be one of the top 10. (Yes, I have many top 10 slots). What is so unusual about this slot game is that there are only 9 reels where ALL wins are scatter pays and based on your total bet. The design of this game is fantastic. To the left are the reels encased in circles, and to the right is a Robot seemingly holding a Junk planet. Above him it states: "Match 3 special symbols to lock." We'll see what that means later in this review. Underneath this Robot is a Game Over sign.

About the Game

At the bottom right hand corner of the slot, you will find 3 horizontal lines. When you click on them you will be taken to a second page where you will find the following icons: The gear icon will display the Show Splash Screen and the Left Handed Mode; The Circle icon will allow you to choose your wager; The two circling arrows is for Auto Play; the small I icon is for the pay table; and the Question Mark icon is for the general rules of the game. We recommend you read the pay table as well as the general rules as these will lead you to a successful game play.

Playing the Game

Get ready for some humungous payouts! There are 10 symbols in total. No cards. The Highest paying symbol - Space Traders Logo - is 60,000 when you get all 9; this is followed Queen Bea who will pay out 36,000 when you get all 9; a Mechanic will pay out 30,000 when you get all 9; a container of decorations pays out 30,000 when you get all 9; and a rocket ship pays out 18,000 when you get all nine. These are the top 5 highest paying symbols in this game. The other five pay out from 12,000 to 3,600, respectively. The pay table is based on current total bet.

Special Symbols

Before each game, a special symbol is randomly selected. When you get three or more Blue Space Trader Symbols Covered with a Chain, they will lock in place and all other reels will re-spin. A new special symbol will be selected when there are no more special symbol matches made during the game. All symbols that are locked will pay out double.

Space Junk Bonus Round

The Bonus will be activated when three or more bonus symbols appear on the reels. The payouts will be multiplied depending upon the number of bonus symbols that trigger this round. Queen Bea, the junk shop owner, has some special items on offer. 3 selections can be made from 5 different offers. You will have 3 chances to accept an offer. The items can award up to 88xs your total bet. The total bonus win will equal the bonus multiplier times the bonus win.

More about the Space Junk Bonus

In each game, any symbol except the bonus symbol will be presented as a special symbol. There or more matching special symbols on the reels will double your payout. Moreover, 3 or more bonus symbols in any position will trigger the Space Junk Bonus Feature. When you commence this feature, here is what you will receive:

  • 9 scatters multiplies bonus credits by 20xs
  • 8 scatters multiplies bonus credits by 10xs
  • 7 scatters multiplies bonus credits by 8xs
  • 6 scatters multiplies bonus credits by 5xs
  • 5 scatters multiplies bonus credits by 3xs
  • 4 scatters multiplies bonus credits by 2xs
  • 3 scatters multiplies bonus credits by 1xs

Can You Say WOW-E-WOW!!

This is one slot game that is a mist play at our recommended casinos.