Swept Away Slots

Swept Away Slots

Have you ever been asked one of those 'what if' questions about being stuck in a deserted island? Yes, well, we probably all have been asked that question at least once in our lives. It's just one of those cliché questions that you can't escape. Still, you have to admit, it does get you thinking, doesn't it? Well, now you can play a Slots Machine that banks upon this self-same question. Swept Away Slots is a classic three-reel video slots machine developed by Vegas Technology. Its theme is about a deserted island, with its symbols revolving around the items that you need in order to survive such as rafts, bonfires, and the Swept Away Slots logo itself. Its music, design and color scheme is very appropriate for the theme. The game's interface is pretty simple too, which makes it perfect for new players, as they will be able to understand the game's mechanics with just one glance.

How to Play the Game

Swept Away Slots is a three-reel video slots machine with one winning pay line. You can get the reels spinning for as low as ten cents or for as high as thirty dollars in the value of three 10 dollar coins. The maximum payout that you can get from this game is 4,000 coins. The gameplay is pretty simple, all you need to do is to set the amount of money you're going to bet by choosing the coin size and the number of coin and press the 'spin' button. You may also choose the 'Bet One' or 'Bet max' option, which really makes betting easier. The reels will then spin, and stop one by one, which makes it more exciting while waiting for the combination to form. You can also use the autoplay feature to make things easier for you. You just need to set the amount of money you're willing to spend and the reels will spin by themselves until the money runs out or until you stop the game.

The symbol you have to watch out for is the Swept Away Symbol. It acts as a scatter symbol and gives the player bonus coins when one or two appear on the payline. The biggest jackpot can be acquired if there are three Swept Away Symbols on one payline.

Where to Play the Game

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