Tally Ho Slots

The game of Tally Ho was conceived as a way of paying tribute to those who participated in battles on the air during the Second World War. There are several scenes that depict aerial shots in planes with the inclusion of amazing graphics and sound effects. Apart from these, the payout is great, and there is always a chance for you to bag the prize. There are bonuses that you can trigger depending on your combination that will help you get a bigger chance in winning the jackpot or at least make some huge profits.

Maneuvering in Tally Ho

Tally Ho is indeed a game of pure fun and excitement. But for first-time players, this may prove a daunting task, what with the number of lines to bet on. It is therefore recommended that novices take the time in knowing the ins and outs of this game to have a better advantage of getting the prize. Understanding the payout and the different combinations is a must since this will help you with your betting decisions.

Hitting the Right Symbol

Tally Ho is composed of different symbols that are needed to make a winning combination. You will find a pilot, roundel, plane, officers, maps, and medals as symbols in the game. The pilot is known to be the wild symbol in Tally Ho, and this replaces any icon in an active line. The pilot only appears in the reels 2 to 4 and will give you that extra edge to complete your combination. The roundel acts as the scatter symbol, and when you have scatters ranging from 2 to 5, your bet will be multiplied to these numbers. The free spin bonus is activated when you have spun three or more scatter symbols. This will also yield 25 free spin bonuses where your winnings can be tripled at each round.

Playing at the Right Location

Those Tally Ho aspiring players and enthusiasts need to find the right location to play this game. You need to choose the best online casino where you will be rewarded with exceptional signup bonus. Slots Oasis Casino provides first time players with 400% worth of sign up bonus including VIP and Loyalty programs.