Royal Caribbean Slots

Slot action with a definitely regal feel is the aim of the game with Royal Caribbean Slots. This three reel, one payline game is all decked out in reds, golds and blues, all the colors of royalty. In addition the graphics surrounding the reels also harkens to royalty complete with an ornate archway and a Renaissance style noblewoman. Getting started with this game is very simple for anyone, and the quick Royal Caribbean Slots software downloads mean you can start playing immediately after setting up an account.

Simple Rules

The game of Royal Caribbean Slots is very simple. There are no bonus games, second screens or other features to cause confusion. Simple slot pleasure that is fit for a king is the essence of the game. The size of the bet per coin and the number of coins played are all controlled by buttons along the bottom of the screen. Clicking the plus or minus triangle shaped buttons changes the bet amount and you can increase the coins per bet by pressing the bet one or bet max buttons. Then just sit back and hit the spin button and watch the reels begin to turn. There is also a handy stop spin button that allows you to shorten the duration of the spin on the reels on any given spin.


No surprises here, all the symbols found on the reels are very much based on an old time court. The highest payout occurs when the single payline shows all Kings, then next comes the Jesters. Traditional Kings, hands, horsemen and the dancing jesters make up the balance of the game. Hitting a king on the payline, regardless of the other symbols present or not present on the line automatically results in a win. Wagering one coin guarantees you a win of 2 counts, with the maximum of three coins per line winning you a total of six coins with the King on the payline.

Strategies For Play

Since Royal Caribbean slots isn't a complicated game and is very classic in its style, strategies are important to extend your play time. You can always opt to bet max, giving you the highest possible earnings on each and every winning combination. However, you can also play strategically and increase and decrease your coin size based on your bankroll. If you do change coin size it is still recommended that you play three coins to give you the best option for a big win.

Where to find Royal Caribbean Slots?

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