Blue Lagoon Slots

This game’s just a classic three-reel slots machine with one pay line. You can bet up to 5 coins each time you spin. You can choose between the BET ONE button and the BET MAX button. The minimum bet is 50 cents and the maximum is 10 dollars. And to get the reels spinning, you just have to press SPIN. Basically, each time you spin, you’ll see a total of nine symbols on your screen. It’s the middle horizontal line that matters. Get a combination there and you’re in for some cash. There aren’t any symbols that you really need to watch out for in this game except for the shell symbol. It’s basically the only symbol that matters. The others are just fillers, so to speak. You need to get at least one shell to get some payouts, and of course, you’re going to get the jackpot if you get three on one payline. The winnings will depend on your bet. If your bet was 3 $5.00 coins, then you can get 1500 $5.00 or a total of $7500. There’s a paytable on the right side of the screen which shows how much you can win. There’s also a very interesting feature which is STOP SPIN, which gives you control on when you want to stop the game.

Where to Play the Game

There are several places where you can play this game, but only a few will offer as great service and bonuses as Liberty Slots Casino, and recently closed VIP Slots Casino. LibertySlots Casino offers a lot of flash games for people to choose from. So if you want to play Blue Lagoon Slots in Flash, Liberty Slots Flash Casino is a place for you!

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