Triple Triple Gold Slots

Classic slots will always be part of any casino despite its relatively low payout because of its simplicity, easily-understood rules and exciting gameplay. Now, the classicist slot player will love three reels even more with Triple Triple Gold Slots. With this slot game, you can enjoy smooth gameplay the slot machine provides as well as huge payouts. With Triple Triple Gold Slots, make sure Lady Luck sits closer as you spin the reels.

Tripling the Fun, Tripling the Prizes

The Triple Triple Gold Slots is a classic slot machine with three reels and single payline. But more than the usual classic reels, Vegas Technology pushed it a bit forward and gave players more reason to spin the reels even more. With as much as 15,000 coins to be won, a serious strategy must be used by players who wanted to win. We have heard so much about maximum coin betting in slots, and that strategy is definitely applicable to Triple Triple Gold Slots. When playing the slot game, you should always play with maximum coin to increase your odds of raking in more money.

Another strategy is for the player to make sure he understands and distinguishes the icons and appreciates the payout that comes with them. With all of the symbols used in the game, the most important is the Triple Triple Gold logo. Get three of them on your payline and receive 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 coins when betting one, two and three coins, respectively. But winning doesn’t end there. Triple Triple Gold Logo is also a wild card multiplier. Use one wild card to complete a combination and your winnings will be multiplied by up to nine times its size; win with two wild symbols and you’ll get 81 times your normal payout.

Playing Triple Triple Gold Slots

Of course, winning is not exactly everything. To be able to enjoy Triple Triple Gold Slots fully, you need to find the best casino where to put your money. If you want great signup bonuses and juicy promotions, you might want to consider downloading Liberty Slots software today. LibertySlots Casino Online offers some of the best promotions in the industry. Not only that, it also provides for great customer support to make sure all things and issues are handled well. If you want more online casinos to play Triple Triple Gold Slots read our article with short reviews of the online casinos accepting us players Go for the best place to play!

Triple Triple Gold Slots was part of the great games collection of recently closed Millionaire Casino