Triple Flamin 7s Slots

Triple Flamin 7s are a true online slot players go to game. Although very traditional they have a great payout, excellent chances of winning and multipliers for the flamin triple 7's when they show on the winning payline. The game is simplicity defined, easy for experienced online gamblers and those new to the world of online gaming. This slot can be found in both a flash version and is a standard in most downloadable slot casino software. Join and play at Triple Flamin 7s Slots now!

Reels And Payouts

Think old school with this three reel one payline machine. The bets range from .10 to 10.00 coins with a maximum two coin wager. The payouts are dependent on the number of coins wagered, one or two, as well as the amount of the coin size and the combinations on the winning payline. Even a single Triple Flamin 7s symbol will earn you a return of two or four coins, depending if you are playing single or two coin wagers.

Symbols Of Sevens

Not surprisingly all the symbols on the game are brightly colored sevens. They range from white to orange and yellow with flames. The three sevens together on one symbol with the flames is the most winning combination, netting you 1500 coins with the 1st coin wagered and a smoking 4000 with the second coin. The Triple Flamin 7s symbol also serves as the multiplier and is also the wild symbol. One of these on the payline multiplies your winnings by three while 2 multiplies them by 9. Three triple sevens doesn't multiple but does give you that hot jackpot. The jackpot can only be claimed if you are playing both coins, so that is definitely something to keep in mind. The sevens with the chili peppers, definitely keeping in the flaming theme, is another key symbol to watch for with a great payout on the winning line.

Classic Slot Action

If you love classic styles of slot action with real slot machine sounds and graphics then Triple Flamin 7s slots is definitely a game you will love to play. Even the screen itself takes you to a true in casino slot machine experience, perfect for enjoying a bit of a break between table games or card games online. This slot machine is sure to become one of your favorites. Although it doesn't have all the bonus games and video options that some slots have its fast action on the reels and excellent payouts will make it a classic you won't want to miss.