Marvelous Marlins Slots

With a cool aquatic theme, the Marvelous Marlins Slots is just another addition to the fun and exciting slot games from Wager Gaming Technology. This three-reel and three –payline slots has bright graphic and lively sounds that brings out the excitement in playing the Marvelous Marlins Slots. Icons include the marlin, other sea creatures like the purple octopus and other sea fishes like the yellow fish and the green fish. What makes this slot game different is the way a player can win in the game. Unlike the normal slot games that require the player to complete a certain combination, the Marvelous Marlins generates payments even if it appears on a payline only once. Playing this slot game is not only fun, but easy as well, with the availability of their free to download gaming software. However, if you do not like the hassle of downloading, you can also use their flash version and enjoy playing Marvelous Marlins instantly. Casinos powered by WGT (former VT) offer this slot game and they assure security and safety of their players with their vast use of a strict online security measure. Queries will always be answered on time with the availability of their customer service personnel anytime all the time.

Marvelous Marlins Slots Symbols and Winning Combinations

The uniqueness of the Marvelous Marlins Slots has never been the same when it comes to winning big amount of prizes. Unlike the other slot games, winning with Marvelous Marlins is not based on the number of icons it completes but according to the particular payline they appear. Because the pay depends on the particular payline the Marlin appear, the highest paying payline is the top paylines that pays 45 coins each marlin, if the player bets 5 coins or what shall we call as maxbet. The second highest paying payline is the middle payline. The moment the marlin appears in this payline, it immediately generates a win of 15 coins for each marlin. Lastly, the third highest paying payline is the bottom payline that generates payout of 5 coins for each marlin.

Marvelous Marlins Slots Nice Features

Winning good amounts of money with Marvelous Marlins Slots was made easy with the nice features it has, including the Auto Play and the Stop Spin features. The auto play obviously lets the slot play without the need of the player to manifest it. They will just simply set the needed settings like the number of spins to play, bet amount, elapse time per spin and more, and the auto play feature will do the rest. The Stop Spin on the other hand allows the players to immediately stop the reels from spinning and immediately see if a winning combination is form. In this way, players were able to save time from playing instead of waiting for all the reels to stop spinning.

Casinos with Marvelous Marlins Slots

Casinos with Marvelous Marlin Slots can be easily found in a group of casinos powered by Vegas Technology: Silver Dollar casino, Grand Vegas Casino, Online Vegas casino, Millionaire casino, Super Slots casino, English Harbour casino, Caribbean Gold casino, Go casino, Golden casino. But unfoutanetly they have been closed in May 2011!But new casino brand came to the market and offer all VT games. Try Marvelous Marlins Slots at Liberty Slots US casino. This casino is accepting players from the USA, which is a big advantage to those who are from the mentioned place and offers various banking methods that are all safe, fast, and secure. Liberty Slots casino is also giving away huge bonuses to their new and old players. The welcome bonus that normally equals to the player’s 100% initial deposit is super generous enough. However, the bonuses does not end here, LibertySlots is giving away bonuses up to their player’s third or fourth deposit. Download the Marvelous Marlins Slots now and experience the generosity of the sea creatures!