Atomic Jackpot Slots

If you are a fan of things scientific, this classic three reel, one-payline slots from Vegas Technology will become one of your favorites. Atomic Jackpot Slots is infused with a laboratory atmosphere that will remind you of biology class and fill you with a sense of nostalgia. Atomic Jackpot Slots is available for play at online casinos all over the world, including Liberty Slots Casino, ( unfortunately the following casinos are closed for new players: Go Casino, Rushmore Casino and SilverDollarCasino).

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Simple Science

Atomic Jackpot Slots has quite the scientific theme, namely nuclear physics. Fans of this game watch carefully for the Atomic Jackpot symbol to appear on the reels, for this is the symbol that guarantees a payout. The paytable is very easy to understand, as there are only two ways to win Atomic Jackpot Slots. One Atomic Jackpot symbol anywhere on the reels is a winner, while three Atomic Jackpot symbols on a payline is also a winner. The graphics for this game are simple, but do the job nicely. Shades of blue and yellow dominate on a black and gray background. There is an important looking machine on the left of the screen.

Reel Symbols that Pop

There are other reel symbols in Atomic Jackpot Slots that continue the theme of the game. There is a nuclear symbol, a nuclear physicist, and an atom symbol that is white and blue. Players may bet an amount that is anywhere from $0.10 to $50.00, making this game suitable for high rollers as well as slots newbies. Atomic Jackpot Slots is a rather simple slots experience, which can be somewhat refreshing when faced with the multitude of choices that some slots such as the Sex and the City slot game and the Mystical Mermaid slot game are known for.

A Simple Slots Experience

Players will not find fancy animations, bonus levels, or progressive slots in Atomic Jackpot Slots. However, since this is considered a classic, retro slots game, one should not expect the same sort of experience that one would have when playing a slots game like Enchanted Garden Slots. The joy of playing Atomic Jackpot Slots is the simplicity of understanding your bet and what your potential rewards could be. Most of the standard, no bonus “old school” online slots selections have this same ambiance.

Stop Spin Aids Game Play

Atomic Jackpot Slots also has a Stop Spin feature that may be used to stop the reels t any time so that you can determine if you have come up with any winning combinations. Atomic Jackpot Slots is available at many popular online casinos, so why not take the game for a test run today?