New Software Gets The Go- Ahead In the Isle Of Man

As with all great online games, new technology continues to add to the gaming experience., which is run by Gioia International Limited, has added to the excitement of online gaming by using real cards in the software of their online games. This is different than other online poker gaming sites that use random number generators rather than actual cards in their online games. goes farther than just using their unique "Cut N' Shuffle" technology. They also provide players with the opportunity to get information on the audit of the game after it is over to ensure everything is completely fair. This, combined with the unique technology, helped to pave the way for licensing in the Isle Of Man.

The government in the Isle Of Man, through the Department of Economic Development, is very proactive and positive about bringing the online casino to the of the area. The local government officials are very positive about licensing online gaming casinos and works to great a positive environment for the businesses to grow and flourish.

Licensing is a rigorous procedure in the Isle Of Man as it is in other areas that are welcoming online gambling casinos. The focus is to help online gaming businesses and companies establish themselves in the area with governmental assistance through banking, professional and legal services. The licensing process for Gioia International in the Isle Of Man required only eighteen weeks for approval and look for games featuring their new technology for a glimpse into the future of online poker.