Pitbull Casino

If you go to the Pitbull Casino site, you will be met with the following message: “It is with great sadness, that we have closed Pitbull Casino. To cashout your balance, send an email to support.” Pitbull Casino has indeed closed, and the circumstances surrounding this closure are suspect.

What led to the closing of Pitbull Casino, a small casino on the Flash Casino Network and based in Costa Rica, are allegations that there was cheating as well as a “hole” in their security measures. It is claimed that superusers and security leaks caused players to post reports on Casino forums. This ultimately led the owners of this casino to try to remove all computers and related items from on-site headquarters. The police were called but no arrests have been made as of yet.

According to some regulars who played at Pitbull, they have strong evidence that there were at least three superusers playing at this poker network. (Super users are able to see the hole cards of all players). When these players asked to see the hand histories, Pitbull refused.

Some players have reported they tried to cash out their balances but, as of today, no one has received a dime. We truly regret those things happen to online casino players and try to inform you as soon as any kind of solution will show on the horizon.

Happy gambling!

Pitbull Casino Flash technology

If you are one of those players who does not want to download anything on their computer, then playing in Pitbull Casino is perfect for you. Designed to have the Flash Casino Games available for their players, it will provide not only comfort and ease in playing, but also it does prevent the player’s computer from viruses and other harmful threats. Joining is super fast and easy with their swift to fill up registration form. It has the great plus that everyone can get to familiarize with the casino by playing for fun.

Pitbull Casino promotions

Another great feature that the Pitbull Casino has is its generous bonuses and promos. In addition, their customer satisfaction is on top of their priorities, which is guarantee enough that each player’s concerns and questions will be answered always and on time. Fair gaming is not a problem with Pitbull Casino because they are using an advanced shuffler that guarantees random and unpredictable results in each game.

Fun Games to Play in Pitbull Casino

Playing at Pitbull Casino will never be a dull moment to every player because it has over 50 online casino games available for play. They have numerous card games, slot games, keno, and more. For those who are just new to online casino, they will surely have fun with Pitbull Casino’s vast choices of slot games.

The Venice Carnival slot has all the fun, magic, and masquerades of Venice. This 5-reel 15-paylines slot has the vivid and fun graphics that will surely bring you to the fun and exciting Venice. Winning is easy with its scatter icon that gives away $10 the moment it appears five times in a single spin. Feel like being on the outer space with the Deep Space slot game. This will take you to the outer world with its nice and vivid graphics that include a meteor, space shuttle, radar, planet, and more. The Deep Space is a 5-reels 21-paylines slot machine that also has the scatter and wild icon that makes winning big amounts not a hard thing to achieve.

The Winter Fest is another great and cool slot game from Pitbull Casino that, I'm sure, many would love to play. This 5-reels 21-paylines slot has the backdrop of a winter season and is packed with winter related icons like the snowflake, Christmas tree, gloves, skate, snowman and a lot more. Winning big is not hard at all with the scatter and wild symbols around that helps complete a winning combination easily.

The collection of the slot games is really impressive with lots of golden slots you'll like to play!

USA Players Are Welcome to Pitbull Gaming Casinos

Players from the USA will surely rejoice because they will now have the chance to play their favorite online casino games without the need to download any software through Pitbull Casino. All the games are in flash version, which is comfortable, easy and safe. Pitbull Casino also has wide choices of banking methods for the comfort of their players not only for their USA players, but for the comfort of their international players as well.

Bonuses are super generous, they start as a $20 free no deposit sign-up bonus that allows every signing player to play at Pitbull Casino before he or she will finally make a deposit. In addition, they also have an exclusive 300% Blackjack Bonus and 2000% Slot Bonus. There is more, on your birthday, you will instantly receive a free $100 worth of money for you to play if you have deposited at least $50 at some point in the past year.

It does not matter if you are using windows, mac, or Linux because Pitbull Gaming’s online casino games work out well with these computer operating systems. The overall fast way in which the flash version of Pitbull works ensures a very very enjoyable gaming experience.