Harbour Master Slots

Take the helm of a virtual ship and sail the seas in search of generous payouts with Harbour Master Slots. This three reel, one payline online slot from Vegas Technology is an easy play for all levels of slots experience. Harbour Master Slots is considered a classic with its travel and sea theme. The background scene of Harbour Master Slots is lovely, depicting a number of boats on the water. Reel symbols for the game are simple and basic, consisting of a Ship, a Compass, Binoculars, a Yacht, and a Clock.

Sail the Ocean with Harbour Master Slots

You will be the Harbour Master when playing this online casino game, sailing huge and expensive across the deep blue sea. Harbour Master Slots has five coin slots, and accepts coins sizes of $0.01, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, and $10.00. The maximum bet allowed is $50, and the maximum win is a jackpot of 1500 coins. Beginners to slots love Harbour Master Slots for its four winning combinations and the amazing jackpot of 1500x of their wager. Once the bet is placed, sit back and watch those pretty reels spin! Players should realize that anytime a bet is placed that is less than the maximum bet amount, any winnings will be less than they would have been had the maximum bet been played. It is always better to place the maximum bet mount in order to increase your winnings.

Check Out These Winning Combinations

There are four winning combinations in Harbour Master Slots. These are three Sailboat reel symbols, three Compass symbols, three Yacht symbols, three Sailboat symbols, and three Binocular symbols. The combination that has the highest payout is three of the Compass symbols. When five coins are bet and three Compasses appear, the payout is 1500 coins. A four-coin bet with five compass symbols pays 800 coins. Players who bet two coins per line will get 400 coins. Betting one coin per line will net winnings of 200 coins.

Win Big With the Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol for Harbour Master slots is the Clock symbol. Players who get a Clock symbol on the reels will receive a prize .If you bet one coin and a Clock symbol pops up, you win two coins. A two coin bet nets 4 coins, and a 3-coin bet earns six coins thanks to the Scatter symbol. Larger wins of 8 and 10 coins respectively will earn the Harbour Master slots player 4 or 5 coins. No matter what your experience in playing slots is, you will thoroughly enjoy Harbour Master slots. Download and play or play in your browser today!