Red White and Win Slots

Surely, no slot machine can beat the patriotism of Red White and Win slots. It has a great American theme built into it, with nice, colorful graphics using red, white and blue colors, with the statue of Liberty on the background, and the sound’s great, too. If you’re looking for a fun-based slot machine that has the patriotism kick in it, you won’t need to look any further than Red White and Win slots. The game is played with only 3 reels in it, so the game play’s pretty simple, yet fun. It’s powered by Wager Gaming Technology former Vegas Technology software, available both in downloading and Flash version, so you can expect big numbers in the progressive Jackpots.

Playing the American Slots

The game is played using coins, the value of which are fixed to $2.50. You can use up to three coins per spin in the game, and using the maximum amount is probably the best strategy if you want to win some big bucks. So, the maximum bet in the game is $7.50 per spin.

Symbols to Watch Out For

The game has some neat symbols featured in the reels. You can easily tell one symbol apart from another. What you need to watch out for is the American Flag, which will let you win the progressive jackpot if you used three coins in that spin. If you used only one or two coins, they will net you some good 1000 and 2000 coins respectively. You can also aim for the bald eagle symbols, Washington symbols and number seven symbols for a good win of coins. The statue of liberty means a guaranteed win if you make one or two.

Red White and Win…and Win Some More!

The Game play’s fairly simple since it only has 3 reels in the machine. But what’s really great about this machine is that it offers its players one of the highest possible progressive jackpots! The player can win as big as $500,000 in the progressive jackpot. To get a chance to win the Jackpot, the player must make use of all three coins per spin, and he must be able to make all three American flag symbols appear in the line. Talk about big winnings.

Americans Choose Only the Best

Well, if you’re up to playing on this nifty little machine, you might want to play at WGT Liberty Slots Casino, ( do you remember recently closed Crazy Slots Casino or Online Vegas Casino? Liberty Slots casino is the best and the only one replacement to them) if to get the extra bonuses in your winnings. There are also other casinos that offer the players the chance to play Red White and Win slots, but you might want to go for those mentioned above because of their 100% match bonus.